Is there anything original left to say?

Have my words been read before? Have they been said before by someone else? Maybe not in the exact same order, or described in the exact same way, but with the same basic idea? Am I copying someone else, or will someone else copy me?

Well, as far as I know, I’m not ripping anyone off. The few lines I AM taking from other people I’ve given credit for in the rants (Bill Hicks, George Carlin), but I’m not reading other blogs out there and thinking, “Hey, that sounds cool. Maybe if I copied what they have to say into MY blog, everyone will think I’m MUCH cooler and deeper than I appear to be!”. No. My thoughts are mine. I am not stealing from anyone and I am not plagiarizing anyone else’s thoughts. True, what I’ve ranted about may have been ranted about in the past, but how am I to know that? How would I know if some hippie back in the ‘60’s was sitting around in his room one day, smoking weed, and coming up with the stuff I’m typing now? How would I know? I DON’T! As far as I’m concerned, all those out there who think I’m just trying to ‘rip off some comedian’ or ‘sound like someone else to try and be cool’ are wrong. These are MY thoughts and I’m typing them on here because I WANT to. I realize I can keep my thoughts to myself and never express them to anyone. I fully realize that. But I AM expressing them. I am laying bare my true feelings, exposing them to the open world in exactly the same form that they’re floating in my head.

What if someone tells me one day that they read on the Internet somewhere about some guy’s rant about sex that sounded EXACTLY like mine? Then I say, “So what?”. I’m not copying anyone. I DO think it’s possible that thoughts that people have now in 2005 have been duplicates of other people’s thoughts from, say, the 1940’s. Yes, I think it’s possible that I could have had the exact same thought as some guy back in the 1940’s in the exact same words. I think that’s possible. And if that’s possible, could it be possible that there’s nothing original left to say at ALL by ANYONE? The thoughts that young people have nowadays have already been thought up and thought over and thought through by many others before them, but it’s still a new experience to the young person and they feel as if their world has been changed or that they’re super smart because they know some little piece of information that they think no one else knows except a very few people. So, is it possible that this entire rant has been done before (maybe not in the same words) by someone else before me? Could it be? I realize I’m not the first to say “Has everything been said already that’s original?” or variations of that (getting the same point across), but who was? Just like the lyrics to “London Bridge is falling down” – who came up with those lyrics? Every source I’ve come across says “anonymous”. We have printed, in the Bible, the names of every person from the union of Adam and Eve, but we don’t know who was the first to sing, “London Bridge is falling down”?

As new forms of technology are developed, new discussions are created about them; therefore there will ALWAYS be something new to say. But what about the ideas that create these new forms of technology? Have we run out of good things to create for the human race? More and more bombs and bullets are being built every day, but what about blueprints for helping the homeless or those who need serious medical attention for life-threatening diseases? How about we take some of that money in the defense budget and throw it into cancer or AIDS research?

I’m going to guess that Christopher Reeve had quite a bit of money, and when he broke his neck he poured a lot of that money into recovering. I’ll bet that if billionaires developed life threatening diseases like AIDS or some form of cancer, THEY would be pouring their billions of dollars into finding a cure to cure THEMSELVES. This idea is not original; there was some comedian that I heard the stand-up of (not sure who he is) who said that the top 5 billionaires in the world should be given a form of cancer (or told that they’ve got it) and see who spends the most money to find a cure. What a good idea.

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