I don’t like politics, plain and simple. Politics, to me, asks: Whose side are you on? Who are you joining when it’s time to fight? Where does YOUR loyalty lie?

YES, there are good ideas in politics and it’s important for people to have their say and give the government some constructive criticism once in awhile, but COME ON! Isn’t government the business of controlling people? And look at all the corruption! In the history of the world, look at all the corrupt politicians! Human beings who just can’t handle power. One scandal after another, one accusation after another, one wrong sentence or misspelled word or dumb move….it goes on and on. What about the politicians who are supposed to set examples for the rest of us? Where are they? Are there any famous politicians who did the CORRECT thing while in office? And why is there so much more political scandal nowadays? Is the media hyping these things, or are they being objective, conscientious reporters and digging deep for the real & true story? Why do so many white-collar criminals try to line their own pockets with money? Can’t they just do something good and decent for humanity? Probably not, because there’s not much money in that nowadays. But tricking people into thinking that you’re a decent person so that they’ll give you money for re-election, THAT’S a gold mine!

All governments are corrupt in some way, shape or form. No government in the world can be trusted anymore. You don’t think Canadian politicians have taken lessons from American politicians in lying and other dirty tactics? We’re being Americanized EVERY SINGLE DAY and YOU think that OUR politicians aren’t going to follow suit? The wool is not only over your eyes; it’s what your hair is made out of!

Power is embedded into politics, and that’s what swells the human head. Some people just can’t handle all that power and they end up doing stupid things. I’ve learned to not trust any politician from any government because there are too many questions that come to mind whenever I see one of those jerkoffs on T.V.: What scandals was/is he involved in? Who did he have to kill/sleep with/bribe to get to where he is today? Did he ever blackmail anyone? Is he married, and if so, is he faithful to his wife? What about his criminal record?

I’m 23, I’ve never voted…and I don’t think I ever will. I’d like to, but in the case of politics, my motto is, “You elect one dirty, scumbag politician, you’ve just elected them all”. I don’t trust any of them, so why vote for them? I know that people say, “Voting makes a difference!”. Bullshit. They just WANT you to think that so that you’ll vote and then the government will know where you stand, that you’re “politically active”, and they’ll fuck with you accordingly. I think the government has fucked us all around pretty well (G.S.T. was a big one, thanks Mulroney), and they will continue to do so until there’s none of us left (and then they’ll just fuck each other). What are we going to do in retaliation? Rally and talk into a microphone, march and carry picket signs, write letters? We can’t do shit. The government can do whatever they want and we can’t do shit about it. They’ve got the military on their side; guys who have been trained to kill, guys who follow orders, guys who would kill you because their commander pointed at you and said that you were a security breach or violation or a hippie pinko communist Arab son of a bitch, and the guys would blow you away without a second thought, and then be handed a bunch of medals later on because they “defended the government and all that it stands for in the face of oppression”…or some stupid shit like that. Whatever the government can do to cover up its faults and keep its people happy (and stupid) and keep the military strong, it will. WHATEVER IT TAKES. Doesn’t matter what it takes. They will kill, rob, destroy, bribe, steal, conspire and more, just to get what they want: power. Yes, I want equality and fairness and a just world, as a lot of people do, but we’re never going to get it, because the instant you remove from power some corrupt bastard, another one moves into his place in a snap. These guys are just lined up, and the line goes on forever because everyone out there wants some form of that power, some little slice, some bit of the good stuff. In the case of the human being, the want and need for power is great. It’s another form of greed, and money is strongly interconnected here.

This will never be a just and fair world because too many people want power, and they will keep fighting for it until they sacrifice us all. This is NOT how I view ALL politicians and governments and forms of politics, but I simply don’t trust any of them any longer.

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