Many of my hometown friends will agree with me when I say that Mackenzie still has a LOT of rumours swirling around in it. People are always talking about someone else’s life or some certain/specific event that happened to one person/two people/a group of people. But why? Don’t these people have enough things to keep them busy in their own lives without having to resort to talking about OTHER people’s lives?

What is this fascination we have with discussing other people’s business? Is it because it’s fun? Exciting? Dangerous? Exotic? Does it make you feel like you’re “up to date”? Look, talking about one person is one thing, but talking about something that happened to another person is different. People don’t use their brains and QUESTION things anymore. Back in Mackenzie, in high school, a lot of people walking around in the hallways at break time/lunch would start off their sentences with, “Guess what I just heard…” or something to that effect. What the fuck is wrong with these people? If they want to KNOW something, why don’t they just go up to the person who this all supposedly happened to and just ASK them? Why do they have to believe what comes out of another person’s mouth? Don’t these pituitary retards realize that the more a story goes around, the more fucked up and twisted it becomes? The more the facts become fiction and other fantasies emerge and become fact?

Why can’t people keep a story straight? Where do all these extra “facts” come from, these little details? Who comes up with all this shit, and more importantly, WHY? Is someone jealous of someone else? Is someone trying to discredit someone or get back at what that person might have done to a friend of theirs? I just don’t get it. Why can’t people confront anymore? Why do they have to dilly-dally and zigzag around the person/people in question? Why don’t people want to know the truth?

I’ll TELL you why: because rumours are more exciting, are more fun to talk about, and have shock value. Rumours have everything that the truth doesn’t. The truth, most times, is dull and short. Rumours make the truth longer and more exciting to talk about. People would rather discuss a lie for hours on end than tell the truth for five minutes (this may be an important revelation as to why some court cases are so damn long). Which brings me back to my hometown of Mackenzie. My theory as to why there are so many rumours going around in that damn small town is that people are bored. It’s a small town, there’s not much to do…so people make things up to keep themselves and their friends entertained. Rumours are FUN and kill time. And there can be no end to a rumour, either. A rumour can be split into five different parts and go in five different directions when told to a large group of people (composed of five or more). For some reason, everyone hears information differently, therefore they all tell a different story. Rumours are started when someone adds a piece of information that wasn’t part of the previous story, or they miss a piece of information from the story and make up something to replace that missing part.

Lots of people spread rumours. Some people actually KNOW that they’re spreading rumours and they just go with it. Some people know exactly what the definition of “rumour” and “gossip” is, and they don’t care. Some people spread rumours unconsciously: they have no idea that they’re spreading a rumour, they’re just talking about what they “heard”. Lots of adults spread rumours. ADULTS: People who are supposed to be RESPONSIBLE ROLE MODELS for teenagers and kids. ADULTS SPREADING RUMOURS = IDIOTS. A lot of these IDIOTS like playing mind games too, therefore they are only too happy to talk about what they’ve “heard”.

Tabloids figure into this topic very easily because they expand on rumours concerning celebrities. Tabloids make lots and lots of money (hence the reason they’re still in print AND they can keep running their paper even AFTER they’ve been sued for a celebrity for millions of dollars), and the public FEEDS off of that tabloid-flavoured “information”. Tabloids are bullshit stories made up by greedy motherfuckers who just want money to entertain a public that thinks it’s cool to know “little known secrets” and “embarrassing moments” of celebrities. A picture of Gwyneth Paltrow walking her dog on the beach can have 50 different stories made up to go along with it. And you know what? People will buy it and believe it, without question. They don’t CARE how far-fetched the story is, as long as it’s interesting, they will read it…and they WILL believe it.

People just don’t question this sort of thing anymore. Some are too tired to question it because they’re sick of not finding the truth because the truth is buried so deep it burned up in the molten magma at the core of this planet. Some people have dug up the truth just to bury it elsewhere so that the people looking for it will NEVER find it. Some people are too STUPID to question this sort of thing! They believe everything they hear. I admit I was that naive in my life. But then, as I reached grade 10 in high school, I began to question things. Life sure was exciting when I believed every rumour that seeped into my ear, but learning the difference between a rumour and the truth of a story was FAR more interesting to me!

Conspiracy theories fit into this topic as well. Some people who dabble in conspiracy theories are clever motherfuckers. Some of them believe very much in the theories, and they have every right to. I myself believe that there are lots of conspiracy theories out there that are composed of either the truth or some form of the truth, because there are many groups and government organizations out there who have fucked up when trying to cover up their greedy and murderous rampages. But some conspiracy theories are soaked in lies and rumours. They are among the most compelling forms of rumours EVER. Sometimes members of the agency/group that is being exposed in a conspiracy theory will add so much useless information to a theory that it will blanket any truthful information in the theory and replace it with utter shit. These members then pass the theory on to regular people (or conspiracy nuts) who go crazy with this “new information” and continue to pass it on. Well, how do THEY know if it’s true or not? The people who believe anything abound in groups of conspiracy theorists as well, not just malls, restaurants and high school locker rooms.

I don’t think any of us will ever find out just WHY humans are so enthralled to listen when it comes to rumours about other people’s private lives. Maybe it’s the chance to glimpse into someone else’s life without actually having to sit around with that person and listen to them tell their own story (defend themselves, in other words). Some of us are just losers (those who like to spread rumours because “it’s fun” or “I want to get back at this person and this is how I’m gonna do it” or “people are stupid and it’s fun to watch them take so seriously something that’s so fake”), and some of us refuse to play that game.

Me? I hate rumours. I hate the people who spread them and the people who believe them without question. BUT, I have to be somewhat objective and realize that rumours DO serve a positive purpose in our world: without rumours, people would have nothing better to do than read books, learn how to play an instrument, make friends, and contribute to a better society that wants to purge itself of lies and deceits.

But enough of THAT, because OH MY GOD, you would not BELIEVE what I just heard about Brangelina…

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