I understand that police officers are a necessary part of society. Without people to enforce the law, we animals in the general population would most certainly destroy ourselves and everything around us. Cops, especially nowadays, have a very tough job; I would wager that a good deal of the public has little to no respect for them, and often times it can both unnerve and annoy an officer. So, understandably, once in a while a cop may take out his built-up rage on someone who perhaps doesn’t deserve it. Like I said, it may be understandable, but it is certainly not right.

I have little compassion for cops; I don’t go out to make trouble with them, and I certainly don’t approach them unless absolutely necessary. There are good cops out there, but I believe their numbers are shrinking. More and more cops out there are developing itchy trigger fingers (at least that’s the perspective the media is giving me). It wouldn’t surprise me that a lot of them want to be on the T.V. show “Cops”, so they tighten their belts, put on mean faces and rough people up more than they used to. If you look closely in your sideview mirror when you’re pulled over for speeding, you may be able to see the glint in the eye and the curving of the smile on the face of the officer approaching your vehicle, because this is a chance for the cop to “get physical”, a.k.a., to beat the living shit out of you because it makes them feel powerful, makes them feared by the public and gives them a sense of bravado…either that or they taser you because they really like seeing someone writhe and scream in pain while 50,000 volts of electricity coarse through their body.

But why might some members of the public have contempt for cops nowadays? Weren’t the cops the guys who came to save the day back in 1950s and ‘60s T.V. shows? Weren’t the cops the good guys who did everything right and tried to maintain a sense of order and peace while protecting and serving the public? Does that type of cop still exist today? I’ve encountered a few cops who seem like generally nice people (kinda like some bus drivers), but I’ve been in the presence of far more cops who give me the vibe of wanting to crack my skull simply because they have the training and the weapons.

I know it would be wrong to say that all cops are bad, but what about incidences like the Rodney King beating? What about the cops who shoved a floor lamp up some black guy’s ass (as spoken by George Carlin from the album “You are all diseased”, track 9, “Man stuff”)? What about the two cops who shot a kid to death after they maced him in the face and the kid tried to rub the mace out by bringing his hands up to his eyes (as spoken by Henry Rollins)? Listen to some of Rollins’ spoken word on the subject and you’ll begin to see a different side to the “enforcers of the law”. He’s had numerous run-ins with the law, and I don’t blame him for having the attitude that he does towards them.

Recently, a friend told me about his beating by a cop. This friend wasn’t attacking the cop in any way and the cop hit him. I believe my friend was sober at the time as well (but I’m not entirely sure because I can’t remember a lot of the story). This happened in Mackenzie sometime in the year 2000. I’ve been told that Mackenzie is prime training ground for cops who want to be in the big cities. Being in Mackenzie, I felt that the cops were there to intimidate and scare the lot of us. A few days ago, while I was waiting for a bus at Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, a cop car had pulled over a big truck. I don’t know why, but another cop car came by. There was no violence happening, and I could see no other reason for backup. I think it was for reasons of intimidation; the old “strength in numbers” bit. They wanted to show the driver of the truck that they weren’t going to take any chances. They had the manpower and the firepower to take that guy out if they wanted to. I believe they wanted to psychologically intimidate him.

Hollywood movies don’t do cops any better by making them look like gung-ho heroes. I wonder if screenwriters know the difference between cops in the real world and cops that they see in action movies. I’m beginning to think that the role of cops in movies is to be guys in uniform with licenses to kill. I wonder if that applies to cops in real life as well. Are cops the attack dogs for the politicians and some branches of government? What about cops who are paid off and become henchmen for other organizations? The most interesting theory I’ve heard about the murder of Tupac Shakur is that some members of the LAPD were hired by 2pac’s producer to kill him. 2pac wanted to leave his record label, and the producer would have owed him MILLIONS of dollars, so instead of having to pay a huge debt, the producer made the call and had the LAPD kill 2pac. A strange resemblance to that theory is one of the main plot points in Kathryn Bigelow’s film “Strange days”; written and produced by James Cameron, the movie came out in 1995. 2pac was murdered in September 1996.

I was once pulled over by a young cop and given a speeding ticket. Yes, I was being mouthy, but I got the impression that the guy was going to haul me out and beat me to a pulp. The look on that cop’s face and the tone in his voice told me that if I had made any sudden moves he would have drawn his pistol and pumped every bullet from the clip into me, and then gone back to his car, pulled out a gun (that he’d probably taken off some hood who owes him money) and tossed it into the vehicle near my dead body. Cops can make any situation look the way they want it to, because they’re the ones writing the reports at the end of the day.

And what the hell is with some cops being racist? Did you see the video of the Rodney King beating? I think there were 5 cops surrounding Rodney, and they were clubbing him repeatedly with their nightsticks. This went on for at least 30 seconds. Why? All it takes to subdue someone is one well-placed hit from one nightstick (depending on the size of the guy they’re hitting), and they’re down. If they’re a big person, probably two or three cops with one hit each, that’s it. How big was Mr. King at the time? Why was he beaten so ferociously?

I see a lot of laptops in cop cars nowadays. When you buy a cellphone, there’s a note in the instruction book that says, “You should not use the cellphone while driving,” yet I’ve seen some cops use laptops while driving; the majority, however, are pulled over to the side of the road or in a parking lot. I’m glad that there was a law made against using cellphones while driving in some part of New York last year. Maybe it’ll make people pay more attention to their driving. But I think the reason that cops have laptops is so they can taunt whoever’s in the backseat with pictures of naked women from the internet and say, “Take a GOOD look, junior, because you won’t be seeing this for a LONG time” or “This is what YOU’RE going to look like to some big, fat, hairy guy in prison.”

Speaking of which, if the guys in “the joint” are so tough, then why is there all this talk of being raped in prison? You would assume that these hardened criminals would be AGAINST homosexuality. So, if it’s true about these prisoners being so tough and mean, why are there stories about your ass being pumped if you get sent to jail? Could that have been another vicious lie to scare the public into following the law? If you get sent to jail, you’re more than likely considered a homosexual once you get out, and you know how the majority of society today STILL reacts towards homosexuals (with fear, hatred and casting them out…calling them freaks, in other words).

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a police officer; since I’ve grown up, however, things have changed. I have a feeling that if I became a police officer now I’d be as hated as an abortion doctor by some people. Of course it’s a tough job, but that’s not what turns me off about it; it’s disagreeing with some of the laws they uphold, and some of the procedures they follow. Then, of course, there’s the ‘Blue wall of silence’, where cops can do anything they want and not be ratted out by their fellow officer because they’re all brothers looking out for each other (regardless of the crime they’ve committed). A job that has become so blatantly overrun with corruption is not one worth joining (unless said corruption can be stamped out, which is why I’m in favor of citizen’s groups that monitor the actions of police officers, and human rights groups that specifically deal with police brutality and abuse). A society cannot properly function if those charged with upholding the law are themselves lawbreakers.

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