I haven’t done hard drugs like Heroin, Cocaine or Crystal meth, and I DO understand that there are many psychological addictions that one can develop while using these drugs, but I hesitate in saying that drugs are evil; they are, however, very vilified these days. As children, we are told to NEVER, EVER do drugs because they will flat out kill us. Then we go to our 10-year high school reunion and talk about all the crazy drugs we’ve taken and the wild times we’ve had. But some of our old classmates don’t show up to those 10 year reunions, and why? Well, some of them didn’t want to go, some are dead because of suicides or accidents, some were shot because they had nice shoes, some overdosed on drugs…the list goes on and on. But you CAN’T blame drugs for every bad thing that has happened in someone’s life or in modern society

I’ve got a friend who’s been in and out of recovery a few times and (I think) is STILL battling a drug addiction. She’s got two kids now, and I fear that she won’t be able to raise them because she might become a junkie again. But why can’t she just stop doing them? This is what I don’t understand (mainly because I’ve never tried the drugs she’s done): the mental addiction, that craving for MORE. I was addicted to cigarettes, yet I kicked that habit (given it was many, many tries). But I simply can’t understand why people can’t quit doing drugs like heroin, cocaine and other substances that turn one into a resident of Powell Street in Vancouver (I mean on the actual street). I knew another woman that became strung out on drugs in the past few years, and she was a cool person beforehand. I don’t know what her drug of choice was, but when I saw her last year, I could tell by looking that she had been strung out on something. She was very attractive in high school: had an attitude, a good body, a great face and a good personality. Doing drugs, as far as I could see, took all that away.

One thing I don’t understand about drugs is on the exaggeration by the mainstream media that using one drug leads to using ALL drugs (the “Gateway theory”); I do not believe that to be true. I first smoked marijuana when I was 13, and I did NOT get the urge to do heroin (or cocaine, acid, mushrooms or crystal meth) right after that. I smoked that drug at a very influential age, yet I’m not a pothead (or other type of drug user) now. I got decent grades in high school, didn’t steal money form my parents to support any drug habit, and I didn’t get into any fights or kill anyone; so how is pot considered a ‘gateway’ drug? I took mushrooms once, and not once while under the influence did I think, “Hey! I should do some coke! Might increase my high, maaaaan!” So, about that ‘gateway’ drug: which one is that?

I think some of the continuing vilification of drugs is done by people who have never tried them but have heard (and believe) the horror stories, myths, and urban legends. A lot of religious people oppose the use of drugs. But I know quite a few Christians and Catholics who have tried drugs and still go to church. Here’s what the late comedian Bill Hicks had to say on the subject:


So is nicotine and caffeine, but those drugs are legal. Why? Alcohol can mess you up just as bad as LSD. It’s been said that nicotine is a harder drug to stop taking than heroin, and yet it’s still legal, and mainly sold in the form of cigarettes. That leads me to believe that the big tobacco companies are WAY too powerful to be shut down now; they can buy anyone they want, and they can DO anything they want. (Watch the movie “The Insider” to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Yes, it’s only a movie, “and movies aren’t real.” But what events were dramatized and what were not? I suggest you watch it to get an idea of what big companies can do when you try and speak the truth about what secrets they’re hiding.) Is it possible that the big tobacco companies manipulated the amount of nicotine put into cigarettes to make them more addictive? Look how much money a pack of cigarettes costs and look at how many people smoke. Study the figures of how much money it takes to produce a pack of cigarettes. You don’t think that big companies are going to do whatever they can to urge the customer to buy more? Believe me, if there’s a way they can increase sales (and profit), they will do it, no question. And if anything threatens the increase of the sales and profit, you’d better believe they will take any measure necessary to remove that threat (see the movie “A civil action” to understand why).

I’ve done five kinds of drugs: marijuana, mushrooms, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. Was I “peer pressured” into doing these drugs? No, I was not. I tried these drugs simply out of curiosity. I’ve always been curious to try LSD but others have strongly advised against it. What is so bad about it, I wonder? As far as I know, you end up seeing things that aren’t there. The sober equivalent to that is seeing a 3-D movie with those silly red and blue glasses on, so either way you’re going to look like a fool to someone.

There’s a girl that I really like who’s told me that she’s done cocaine before. Now, because I’ve never done the drug, I don’t know how I would behave under its influence, and because I’ve never done it, my mind might generate a feeling of fear and paranoia about its effects. That fear and paranoia might even spread to how she might have reacted under the influence of the drug. She’s so cool, creative, and beautiful that it would really break my heart to see a drug like cocaine destroy everything she is, and it makes me worry about her. But it’s that fear and paranoia that makes me believe every bad coke story I’ve ever heard. There was a line from Michael Moore’s film “Fahrenheit 9/11”: “You can make people believe anything if they’re afraid.” That statement applies to drugs as well as terrorism.

A lot of people have died from doing drugs, but was it from doing too much? What about the body count on those who had tried a drug once and croaked? There are some drugs I’d like to try once, and not just to say, “I’ve tried it”, but to say, “I’ve done it, this is what I think about it and this is why I think you should try it/should not do it.” And no matter HOW many times people come up to you and say “Try this!” or “Do this!” you don’t have to. They’re not forcing you, but they ARE asking (or telling) you to do it. They’re not holding you down and prying your mouth open. You make your own decisions. If you were peer-pressured to do drugs, it’s because you were too weak-minded to make the decision to NOT do them. Many kids and teenagers do drugs to “fit in”, “be cool” or “be part of the gang.” But at that age, you WANT to fit in and be cool and have fun, right? So, in a way, it’s good that there are people going to elementary schools and high schools and telling us not to do drugs (and why). But ultimately it’s your decision as to whether or not you want to do them. I think that as long as we’re properly educated about BOTH the advantages and disadvantages of drugs, we should have the choice whether or not we want to do them. And if we ourselves make the decision to do them, no one else will to blame for anything bad that happens. If you do the drugs and you know beforehand what the side effects are, then YOU are to blame for taking the drugs, Not Marilyn Manson, “Half baked” or your friends.

So am I taking some sissy, middle-of-the-road, politically correct stance on drugs? Not exactly. Here’s my final word on drugs: Do them if you want, but know the consequences beforehand.

  1. #1 by Sarah on May 19, 2005 - 11:07 pm

    you look waaaay to bored… but you got me interested enough to manage to reading the WHOLE thing, so i had to comment. I\’ll have to agree with you on the drug stuff I guess, I\’m familiar with "mary jane",i dont know "her" as much as I used to, i would say we are jus acquantances now… lol but yeah what the fuck is the harm in that? There shouldnt be, I got through highschool is 4 years smoking the stuff, still do, i can manage to get A\’s and B\’s in college but some people just dont know how to control themselves. Some people just over do it, especially with the coke and whatever other shit they got out there. The scary thing isthat one of these days.. drugs will be just as legal and alcohol and smoking. Usually I would think id say, well about fucking time but, maybe its for the better that it stays illegal, the cops just need to be spending their time finding real criminals not wasting all their time busting drug dealers then burning all the shit that they could make a lot of money from, but you know how the tobacco company\’s are…exactly what you said… imagine if they started selling weed? How rich do u think they\’d be then, they\’d fucking rule the world. Anyway i got to get to bed…take care goodnight!

  2. #2 by Penny on November 1, 2005 - 10:31 am

    Alex,I just read your rant about Drugs now from knowing you for who knows how many years now. I do have to agree with you. Just in the past year I have reolized what the coke, mushrooms, acid, pills, e, and coco puffs have done, NOTHING GOOD for me. I look back on the pics you have posted, and yes I was one who has drank her fair share of booze, and done just I reolize now are not the best decisions. But even my know friends you live here who I used to hang out with I noticed a change. Well go to go. Penny

  3. #3 by Web of Truth Group - NWO Free Zone on April 5, 2006 - 7:44 pm

    Ones has to ask, where do these drugs come from……
    Heroin > Gov
    Anti Dep>Gov

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