The powers that be

The government, the politicians, and the wealthy people who have “influence”; that’s who I’m talking about here.

The circus that is the Gomery Inquiry is interesting to watch particularly because it’s funny to see responsible, grown men fumble about with their answers as to where 355 million dollars went. I thought that part of being an adult was being truthful and setting a good example. This “Inquiry” is one of the reasons I don’t vote: people in politics have proven over and over again that they can’t be trusted. Sure, they SAY they’re going to help the people, but how much of that actually happens? It seems to be all empty promises and false hopes. I can’t stand people who get into politics simply to line their own pockets. If you’re thinking about politics and want to have a job that’s all about you and making lots of money, get into the porn industry. At least then we can see you fucking people up close and personal instead of smiling and shaking hands in a 5 second sound bite.

So why can’t these ADULTS be honest? What is this childhood fantasy about having all the money in the world? Remember when you were a kid and you talked about what you would do if you had a million dollars? That’s exactly what these business criminals are doing: living out their childhood dreams! And how about making profit for the company by downsizing, cutting jobs and even closing down plants only to open them in third world countries where you can hire people who will do ANYTHING for a few cents? You’re a gracious human being, aren’t you? It’s comforting to know that you’re at least partially responsible for broken homes, suicides, angry people, and homeless folks. Good job!

I think the media has a political agenda as well. I truly believe that some of the giant media companies in North America are biased and present their “news” in a certain way (that ‘certain’ way being anything BUT objective). That’s the beauty of video editing and post-production: you can make something look any way you want it to. Sure, you may watch BCTV and see a cute little story about a puppy being a hero, and that piece of news may be filmed in the “objective” stance, but not everything else. Not a chance. That’s why, every time I see a news story, I run it through the question gauntlet: What are they NOT telling us? Whose names were left out? Who are they putting on the front page and why? What grudges do people have against that person? What “facts” are presented? Who is the accuser?

Bill Hicks’ comedy set was censored ENTIRELY from “Late night with David Letterman” on October 1st, 1993. For his appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, Elvis Presley was censored from the waist down. What was so threatening and unsuitable from the performance of these two men that it had to be CENSORED? Apparently, Elvis was shaking his hips, and back in the 50’s, that was not allowed…at least, not allowed to be seen by millions of people who were watching The Ed Sullivan show. And Hicks? In one of his stand-up shows following the taping, he said, “CBS…I love this….‘standards and practices’…don’t you love this…these networks have standards. Y’know…well, what is it, when you’re airing beer commercials 24 hours a day with half naked women with the beer in their crotches…what standards do you have, exactly? Anyway, they deemed the material ‘unsuitable for the audience.’” What material, you ask? Bill had done some jokes on Jesus, gays, and pro-lifers. Back in the early 90’s two of these topics were very hot because pro-lifers were on the rise and the gay community was getting more media attention for how they wanted to be treated by the rest of the world. But, for some reason, Bill wasn’t allowed to tell America some JOKES about it! And he was NOT making fun of gays, pro-lifers, or Jesus. What he was making fun of “was a double standard that exists in this fuckin’ country.” Bill got some media attention out of the censoring because the networks were looking for more heat on the Letterman-Leno late night war. Bill was never given a copy of the show (with his skit intact), even though he had requested it from the producers several times. Hicks died in 1994 and the tape was given to his mother AFTER (I presume) his death. How much do you want to bet that some CBS scumbag went to deliver the tape to his mother at her house, and standing next to that scumbag was a bigger scumbag (a lawyer for CBS)? Mary Hicks (Bill’s mother) is not allowed to show the tape to anyone. And why do you think that is? Probably because anyone who sees it will begin to form their own opinions and ideas and start questioning things and, according to the media, that’s not how this world is supposed to function.

I believe that the government has a large hand in what is allowed to air on television. I would like to guess that the government plays to special interest groups that attract the most people and bring in the most money. But what about gays; aren’t they a special interest group? Perhaps, but who runs the country at the moment: Fundamentalist Christians. According to them, being gay is WRONG. So it may be that the intended reaction is arguing and controversy between the gays and the Christians (something to fill the airwaves and get people’s minds off of important topics). I think the decision to censor Hicks started some sort of chain reaction…but I believe that chain reaction has since died, what with the influx of entertainment being mixed with technology and how it absorbed people’s attention. More people should have asked questions and pried into exactly WHY Hicks was censored. He performed the censored material VERBATIM across the country in clubs and bars because he was doing as much stand-up as he could at that time. Was his material THAT harmful to society (as could have been the reason for cutting it from the show)? Personally, I doubt it.

I think that’s exactly what the government doesn’t want you to have: an idea. That’s why you see and hear about people shunning movies and music that don’t conform to a certain theme, because those forms of entertainment might give people ideas, open their eyes and expand their minds. Yet, if you do some research, you will find that there are THOUSANDS of movies and tracks of music out there, so am I really making sense? The logical conclusion here would be: no, I am not. I’m not a puppet master behind the scenes, so I have no idea how webs of deceit are designed. People who are in power will do ANYTHING to stay there as long as they can. If you can see what kind of pawn you are in their eyes, they will have lost a customer, and that means less profit for them. Remember the goal of business: profit.

Even if you get into power, and if you’re lucky enough to get into the highest form of it, someone else will try to overthrow you no matter WHAT you stand for. There will always be someone else who will say, “They don’t know what they’re doing. If I was in that position, I’d do this and this and this…” Even if you take out these underlings who are trying to oust you, there are countless others waiting in line to step up and take you down. This line will never end. And those in power know that their time is limited. I think they try to be as careful as possible with what they say and do, where they go, what they eat and so on. Here’s a conspiracy thought for you: imagine all the foods and fluids in the world that were contaminated were on a list, and those in the very top branches of power had that list and received updates whenever possible. See, even if you don’t give in to being a stupid consumer or a voter (or an otherwise SAP for the government), they’ll get you one way or another. Chemicals in food, car engines that pollute easily, pesticides, contaminated water…they can manipulate your lifestyle any way they want, and then advertise products that “help you live longer”! Whatever they can do to make money off of you and keep the economy going (or to help line their own pockets), you can be sure they’ll do it.

If someone in power happens to find this blog, read it, and not like it, they can make me out to look like a really evil guy to the public in order to make my life a living hell, have me condemned, or even executed/suicided (such, I believe, was the case of the late journalist Gary Webb). They can very easily make me out to be a “wrath of society”. They own the cops and the media (and can buy them off with raises or promises of, cash bonuses, under-the-table payments, drugs, threats, extortion, etc.) so they can easily move the public against me with their propaganda. They can shut my friends up (who might cry out in my defense) with threatening phone calls and threats of physical violence. They can arrest me for no reason, go into my dwelling, and put up satanic pictures, add child porn videos to my video library (like they did with Manuel Noriega during the U.S. invasion of Panama), posters of Marilyn Manson, and then call in the media to do a “story on the violent, satanic criminal” they captured. Then they can go on about how they “saved the community from a dangerous criminal” and “how they dodged the bullet with help from a watchful neighbor” or some other exciting (yet clichéd) line for the “Top of the hour” story. They can mold me to look any way they want the public to view me.

Here’s another conspiracy theory for you: what if all the “celebrity scandals” and “big news about so & so” was all bullshit? What if the government was doing something in Iraq that they needed to keep secret, so they asked some big named celebrities to participate in a little scheme they had concocted? Here’s an example: the latest Michael Jackson story. What if the government called him up one day and asked him to revive the old “child molestation” story because they were killing massive amounts of innocent people in that “war” of theirs, and they needed the eyes of the public to be anywhere BUT there? Mr. Jackson would accept, get LOTS of money from an “unknown source”, and take the fall, thus saving society from knowing what the government is up to. Think about all the celebrities in the past 20 years who have been involved in “scandals” and been on the front page of papers like “The National Enquirer”, “People Magazine”, and “The Star”. How about programs like E.T. and whatever other silly shows monitor celebrities? Our attention spans have shortened greatly in past years, and in order to keep us entertained (and stupid), a celebrity has to take the fall and be shamed every once in awhile. Perhaps it’s not even celebrities! It could be ANYONE! Anyone desperate enough to want lots of money and is willing to be humiliated by many for a short period of time until the NEXT fall guy comes along; no shame, no fame.

And if you don’t think that the government has the time to come up with “conspiracy theories”, THINK AGAIN. If there can be focus groups for movies, TV shows, and food, there can be focus groups that monitor human behavior and how mass amounts of people react to information. Today they can predict what the results will be, because they have information from the past 70 years to refer back to. There have been groups of higher-ups that have had an interest in controlling what the public mind thinks for thousands of years. The governments of the world today have a plethora of experience in mind control and how to monitor behavior and information. An example: the UFO craze back in the 1950’s. What if the government and/or military were doing something top secret and, to cover it up, they created the story of little green men? From there, human curiosity and imagination could take the reins and run with it (and they have).

Something that I’m sick of is when the government releases documents, and people become so excited by the idea of the government sharing information. Do you actually think that the government would RELEASE top-secret CLASSIFIED documents to the public WITHOUT EDITING THEM FIRST? The JFK assassination, the Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico, Ronald Reagan’s diary…there’s no way that the government would simply release these documents as they are. They have edited and changed them beforehand, guaranteed. They can do that because they are the government and they have the power. You think YOU can stop them? They’ve got 20 guys on the payroll who are among the top marksmen in the world. They will stop you LONG before you stop them. All they have to do is tell one of the marksmen that you’re a terrorist or a spy or anti-(insert country here) and tell them that their kids will be sent to the college/university of their choice and that they’ll live out the rest of their lives happily and everything will be provided for them and BOOM…your life is over and they’ve already created your phony death story and faxed it to the media. It’ll be game over, you lose, and you WILL lose every time, because the government has way too many people under its control to lose power just because some people are complaining. So write your letters, wave your flags and picket & strike wherever you want, even though they’re laughing at you from their office windows because they know that’s all you can do and that’s all you’ve got. They can crush and flatten you in an instant, then cover it up and go out for lunch. We can’t beat them, no matter how many of us there are because they’ve got the military on their side (years and years of military-geared propaganda has honed the enticing sign-up information down to a fine art).

In conclusion, I’ll never become a politician because (1) I don’t want to get caught up in that jelly-jam of a mess and (2) I don’t want people to hate me more than they already do.  It’s been said that politics corrupt a person, and I believe to some extent that is true. If I wanted to sell out, become rich, and be despised by the vast majority of the population until my dying day, then politics may be the career of choice.

  1. #1 by Ryan on May 31, 2005 - 12:52 pm

    Well man these are excellent and absolutely frightening points. I have a few things to point out and to comment on so please read my blog for the latest rant on censorship. But to comment on this man I can only say this We as a whole are idiots you read the polls and you read analysis about the BC elections and what not you find out the only reason the liberals won is because they have Every major Labour union in their pocket (should be illegal) and in the USA well I dont wanna comment on that because I will become extremely angry and what not. If I was american I dont think I could honestly vote because I find both Parties in the states flawed and evil Republicans are extremely rich and powerfull people as a whole and once they are in power they cause real damage (Reagan Nixon Bush SR. and Dubyah.) Do you realize that had clinton pulled the same shit with Iraq they would have found a way to kill him or have him thrown out. and also if bush received a BJ from an intern and got caught it would have been covered up so fast. So I mean its all Evil man. But in a attempt at shameless plug for my own blog please have a read so you can fully see some nasty ass shit about Censorship.

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