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Save a third world country from starvation: kill a fat person in North America today!

The stupid and ugly shall inherit the Earth far before the meek simply because the former were not educated in the way of contraceptives.

Thankfully, there are still some decent and intelligent folk out there who want to fight the good fight against evil, greed, dirty business, and unruly power.

Obituary – idiot.com

OBITUARY COMMON SENSE (1776 – 19) – apfn.net

Obituary of Common Sense! – naute.com

I’m sick of how the media is treating some public issues these days. Why, for instance, is the Celebrity gossip section located on page 2 of the free newspaper “24 hours”? Why is it not at the back with the sports section? Why are the lives of celebrities so important…or, rather, WHY does the media want us to believe they’re more important than what’s happening in both our local communities and our government?

Did anyone read about (or see on TV) the massive shutdown of air traffic at the Vancouver International Airport on June 26th? It was all because one bag was not checked in. I think that so-called “security breach” was blown way out of proportion. Could it be that YVR security was trying to impress the American airports by following suit and exaggerating everything? All they really had to do was take the guy (who owned the bag) out of line, question him, search his bag, and then send him on his way. No one would have missed their flight, and we’d have one less annoying and stupid article in every paper the next day. I wonder what’ll happen when I forget to check in a ball-point pen: perhaps I’ll be gunned down by a S.W.A.T. team that just “happens” to be in the area (and if they’re following American S.W.A.T. tactics, they’ll all continue to pump dozens of bullets into my lifeless body after the first few have killed me, “just to be sure”) and the headline the next day will read, “Terrorist killed at airport!”

Another article that caught my interest from “24 hours” (June 27th 2005 edition) was the one entitled “Angels anything but hellish.” What are Hell’s Angels known for? Oh, that’s right: killing people, taking over & controlling property, and instilling fear in the general public. BUT THEY WERE REALLY NICE ON THE WEEKEND OF JUNE 25-26 IN GRANDE PRAIRIE, EVEN THOUGH THEY RIDE MOTORBIKES (THAT ARE AS LOUD AS TANKS IN YOUR LIVING ROOM) DOWN THE STREETS EARLY IN THE MORNING!

The “Men don’t know what’s what anymore” article (from the same edition of the same newspaper) is a laugh. Apparently, men don’t know their place in the cosmos anymore, so it’s up to the advertising industry to “create a market” to help FIND these lost men and put them in their place. Where do they find such lost souls? In order to write shitty articles like this one, there HAVE to exist out there men who are in desperate need of guidance. (Yet another reason this world is really fucked up.) I’d rather be out of the entire “man loop” than a beer drinking, womanizing MORON who watches and talks incessantly about sports nonstop, farts constantly, grunts often, horks up loogies on command and grabs his crotch in public like it was the handle that would save his life if the wall beside him on an airplane suddenly blew out. And the word “metrosexual”? I’ve had it with this bullshit terminology. I’d love to find the cretons who come up with these “snazzy” new words and beat them into the pavement with a large, hardcover edition of Webster’s dictionary.

What in the holy Hell is wrong with people who get into elevators and press a button that’s already lit up? I wonder if they think that, by pressing the button, the elevator will somehow know that there’s more than one person going to the same floor? These idiots are just as silly as those goofs who press the crosswalk button more than once and the morons who pull the ‘next stop’ cord on the bus when that sign is ALREADY LIT UP. I can understand if they weren’t paying attention when the cord was pulled the first time (I’ve done it myself a few times), but I’ve watched people (who, at the time, are facing straight ahead so the “next stop” sign is definitely in their view), and someone will pull the cord, and almost immediately after, they will do the same thing! Do they think pulling the cord more than once will let the bus driver know that more than one person wants to get off at the same stop? I’m starting to lose faith in the intelligence level of the general public.

A friend of mine isn’t too pleased that the same sex-bill was passed. I myself could care less. So someone’s gay, SO WHAT? How does that disturb you and your life? Look at Belgium and the Netherlands; are their societies wrecked because they allow gays to marry? I don’t see how the passing of the bill is going to tear away at the moral fabric of this country. Do people think that children will grow up ‘all wrong’ if they’re raised by same-sex parents? Will those children grow up to be homicidal maniacs? Or will they become gay themselves? Wait, I’ve got it: they’ll become gay, homicidal maniacs who will not be opposed to same-sex marriage. I somewhat enjoy this nonsensical fear of gays that some people have. I’ve been beaten up and threatened by more straight people than I have by gays. No gay man ever stared me down in a bar and asked me what my “fuckin’ problem” was. No gay woman has ever gotten in my face and screamed at me just because I’m a man. So why are the people who have a problem with gays so afraid?

I’ve been told that, because of the teacher shortage in B.C., people with minimal teaching experience have been hired to fill the employment gaps. A shortage that I’m seeing is for security guards. There are a lot of security guards at the business towers that I’ve done moving jobs to and from, but they’re the wrong kind: elderly male and female security guards, people who generally walk slower than us movers after we’ve done a 12 hour shift. What is the criteria for being a security guard, anyway: having a pulse and being able to say “yes” and “no” in English? (From what I’ve seen recently, that’s apparently all it takes; no brains, no skill, no physical requirements, just be alive and you’ll be hired.) I don’t want to see old people with grey (and sometimes white) hair and bulging stomachs doing security! I want to see physically fit young guys who are smart and adept; guys who can take a punch; guys who can sprint after criminals; guys with quick reflexes…THAT’S what being a security guard SHOULD be all about. I’ve seldom seen a security guard of that caliber. Now, am I being sexist when I don’t talk about the young women I’ve seen as security guards? Possibly, but let’s face facts: most women are weaker than most men. I have no problem, however, with a female security guard. Unless she’s really butch or she’s trained in a martial art and she’s a good runner, she probably doesn’t have the qualifications needed to be a security guard. Furthermore, what the hell is an old lady security guard going to do if a bum comes along and tries to take a piece of expensive furniture off the moving truck? Is she going to tell him in a firm voice to go away? Bums have nothing to lose and everything to fight for, so they WILL fight and they will most likely win against those ‘old-timer’ security guards. A note to employers out there: potential job candidates should meet the requirements of the job, not simply filling the empty space.

I found an interesting “conspiracy theory” style video clip about the “attack” on the Pentagon from September 11th, 2001:

Pentagon Strike
http://www.freedomunderground.org/memoryhole/pentagon.php – Main

And the website it came from:

Comments on the Pentagon Strike – cassiopaea.org

I realize that this could be another wild conspiracy theory put on by “nuts” who think the government is out to get them and control the world and all that. But think about all the lies that the American government has told (and been exposed for) over the years:
UFO crash landings outside Roswell, New Mexico, The Kennedy assassination, The Vietnam war, The Gulf war, The Iraq war…
Add to that all the ‘facts’ that started out merely as opinions, a general public that doesn’t know what to believe because of the massive amount of mis- and dis-information, and you’ve got a hell of a mess…which is the current state of the world today! I myself don’t know what to believe either, but I am highly suspicious of governments, ‘official’ news sources, politicians and reporters.

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