Random thoughts 4

If you want to get a cheap laugh, all you have to do is add the word “bitch” to the end of your sentence. For example:

“Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?”
“Yes, I’d like the two cheeseburger meal…and an apple pie.”
“Would you like fries with that, BITCH?”

“Hello, is Joe there?”
“May I ask who’s calling?”
“Just a minute, BITCH.”

“Welcome to Disneyland!”
“Where the chocolate at, BITCH?”

Depending on your tone of voice and the inflection you use on that particular word, you can get big laughs or complete silence. You don’t need a storyline…hell, you don’t need any kind of material that’s intelligent, just use the word “bitch” and you’ll rocket to stardom! Do you think people would have been quoting Dave Chappelle had he NOT included the word in question in his infamous Rick James skit? What if he had just said, “I’m Rick James!” Here’s what Maddox has to say about it:

I think the lies that “they” are telling you is the most interesting part of propaganda. It is also the most important: from what the lies are about, how they are conceived, and the supposed effect they are to have on the public (the “Magic bullet theory”: http://linuxfr.org/~pooly/150.html). Propaganda and rumours succeed only if you actively participate.

Most of this article (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/3752597.stm) was covered in the Sunday, September 11th issue of the North Shore news on page 23. In the issue, there was something said about 192 nations agreeing on trying to address the problem of obesity by cutting down on the amount of fat, sugar, and salt put into foods. They were also attacking junk food advertisers, which is hilarious. Advertising is nothing more than a form of propaganda. I’ve seen commercials for Dairy Queen advertising their delicious burgers and ice cream, but do I go out and buy it? No. Advertising only works if you BELIEVE every word they say about their product, then all those hours that people have spent “perfecting” their ad will have been spent wisely. Make up your own damn mind.

Something else the North Shore News article talked about was putting “selected” women into some university’s weight-loss program (the article did not specify the ages of the women, their eating habits, their weight, level of activity or what the weight-loss program contained). Most of the women FAILED to reach the target weight. To me, that part of the article is secretly saying, “If you’re an adult and you’re trying to lose weight, give up.” I think people lose hope too easily when it comes to exercising because if they don’t see results right away, they walk away. But you must persist.

I’m sick and tired of people blaming others for their problems. If you’ve been sitting around, watching TV, eating everything in sight for five years and you’re horribly fat and complaining of all these different health problems, then you’ve got no one to blame but yourself. You can’t blame the fast food industry, the store that sold you the food or the company that made the food.

Schools really need to improve how they educate people when it comes to nutrition and exercise. As well, we should all be paying 100% attention in science and biology. Yes, this is a free country and you can eat whatever you want, but don’t be a gluttonous fool. Every calorie counts.

It’s amazing to me that superstitions are still prevalent in today’s society. I’ve been in at least seven freight elevators in the downtown Vancouver area that do not have a 13th floor button. Why? It’s just a number! There’s no number that looks or is evil. Science can prove, from beginning to end, how people can get food poisoning. In this day and age we can trace the most serious of human illnesses to micro-organisms and how they spawned but we can’t shake off an age-old belief like the number 13 being associated with bad luck? I wonder if religious people believe in microbiology. They believe in cleanliness, and in order to prevent foodborne illnesses, one must practice cleanliness. I wonder how many deeply religious dishwashers there are out there….

Here’s a story from Vancouver’s free newspaper, “24 hours”:
A man (Ralph Gordon Stopps) is complaining to BC Human Rights Tribunal member Judith Parrack because he tried to join “Ladies only Fitness” in October 2004 but was denied because he was a man. For one thing, he’s a construction worker, so I’m not going to hold his ability to read in question (but this guy is gonna be pissed when he tries to join the National Organization for Women). His argument is that he’s being discriminated against because he’s a man and he’s not being allowed into the “Ladies Only” gym. WELL, I WONDER WHY NOT. Then again, why ARE there ‘ladies only’ gyms? Would there be an uproar in the community if a ‘Men’s only’ gym opened up?

Another story from “24 hours” goes something to the tune of Translink wanting to ARM (meaning, with guns) their transit police. Wonderful! Why not print up some funny money and a little card that says “License to kill” as well, and hand them out in plain envelopes to all these transit cops? And what’s going to happen (and it will happen) to a transit cop who shoots and kills someone? The brilliant answer: Translink will put him on ‘administrative duty’, meaning he’ll have a comfortable job sitting behind a desk, or send that cop on vacation to rehabilitate him (just like sending a priest who’s molested little boys to another city). Yeah, don’t SOLVE the problem, SPREAD it! I wonder what the new “percentage statistic” of gun deaths will be in Vancouver a year after the City has approved the arming of Translink’s ‘security force’.

In listening to people talk, I’ve noticed that over the past four months or so, people have been ending their sentences with the words “so” or “er” (meant to be “or”, but Canadians talk faster and don’t elongate their vowels, hence, “er”). Why? I’ll admit that I myself did this when I first started with the moving company back in 2002. The words serve mainly as part of a question, e.g. “Do you want us to move this, er…?” “We can have this truck offloaded pretty quick, so…” But adding those words to the ends of your sentences makes the statement you’re making incomplete. If we’re all literate, intelligent human beings who have thousands of words at our disposal for communication purposes, then why can’t we complete a sentence? Did high school English teach us NOTHING? Are we rebelling against our teachers by speaking in incomplete sentences, not knowing when to use ‘too’ instead of ‘to’, and not proofreading our emails?

Anyone’s who’s interested in the life and artistic style of Brian Warner (a.k.a Marilyn Manson) should read the book “The Long hard road out of hell” that he and Neil Strauss. Warner describes at great length his childhood, his teenage experiences, the tough and crazy times in his starting days of music, and dispels some rumours (particularly the “ribs removed to suck his own dick” rumour). I found his style of writing to be both captivating and interesting. Don’t ever believe what society says about a person (or a celebrity); find out for yourself.

“If they think that an artist can destroy their faith, then their faith is rather fragile.” – Marilyn Manson commenting on Catholic priests who were protesting his arrival in Pula, Croatia back in the summer of 2005 as part of his ‘Against all Gods’ tour.

  1. #1 by blue on October 2, 2005 - 10:23 am

    of course, you would also agree that some ppl are victims of their time a/o environment wouldn\’t you? it is narrow to assume that everyone is given the same chances and opportunities. yes of course some ppl make it against great odds and diversity… other try.. perhaps as hard as they can. humankind is the responsibilty of everyone, it is shameful to expect everyone to just have an understanding that you may have been privy to. the american education system is worse than ours and we have a long way to go. as to do with food etc. there is a responsibilty on the part of the advertisers. i am not saying that fast food should all be mean and lean~ i choose not to eat it. however i know others that do and are only doing what they know. how you are raised, what your peers do, the education you receive and the media you are huge determiners to the lifestyle you will lead. i dont make excuses for anyone however i am on the side of trying to change things, like our education system. the byproducts put into foods, particularily junk food has an effect on the pleasure centres in the brain. eaten as a child the brain becomes addicted to these proplerties. thus; overeating, supersizeing if you will. studies have now shown that children that are given educational training on healthy foods, snack preperation, etc. are actually changing their brain patterns to show the pleasaure centres reacting to the healthy food choices rather than the alternatives wheras previously it was believed that it just happened to be the type of foods that were the most desireable~ not how they are introduced. okok, i should really stop. *brakes*the reason i came by was not to lecture, lolwhich by the way is not what i was doing, my intention was only to sharei digressi came to tell you about an upcoming spacers event~ canadian appreciation week. to learn more, please check out my site. even if you dont want to participate i am expecting some great reads…!thanks for making it thru my ramblings, lolcheers and cheekie kisses, michy■♣■

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