New Years resolutions

Just because we start at January 1st again every 365 days or so does not mean that we need to make big changes in our lives according to the first day of a new year on a calendar. If you want to start losing weight, for example, do it now, not when the clock strikes midnight. New years resolutions are part of a long list of traditions that need to be discarded as we move further and further away from the 1700’s. If you want to change something in your life, plan it out and carry out that plan; why wait until January 1st?

I don’t know how many people start going to the gyms from the beginning of January to mid-February and then quit, but I’m sure it’s a large number of people. They had so much ambition when they said they were going to “get in shape again” near the end of December! What happened?

I gave up on New Years resolutions because they were pointless. If I wanted something done or changed, I did it right away. I didn’t store it away on a list of ‘things to do next year.’ There are so many things one can accomplish in life if they get to them right away. Your ambition to get the thing done will still be there (as compared to a month or two down the road when it will most likely have diminished). Do it NOW, don’t wait!

Please do your part and kill off this meaningless tradition. And don’t give me that silly joke, “My new years resolution is to stop making new years resolutions. Ha ha ha.” You should pledge to shut your pie hole and stop being a dummy (credits to Thilo).

I’m not a total Scrooge. I understand that New Years resolutions can be fun (for fools at office parties it can be a three hour conversation piece about how much better a person you’re going to be next year) and it’s also a way of teaching children to set goals in life. But still, this tradition should be destroyed…NOW.

For those of you who watch T.V. frequently, look for an increase in the number of advertisements for gyms and other ‘fitness facilities’ in late November/early December. People who run gyms know that losing weight is still one of the top (if not THE top) new years resolutions, and they cater specifically to that goal. There will always be people silly enough to believe those hyped-up gym advertisements, and they will pay a whole pile of money for access to a gym that contains equipment they have no idea how to use, will become frustrated upon seeing, and will eventually make them revoke their membership. The gym still made a whole bunch of money off their dumb ass, and they’ll do it again next year with some “NEW AND IMPROVED” promotion!

The fact is, if you want to lose weight, EXERCISE. But I think a lot of people are afraid of exercise for some strange reason. Some believe it’s bad for the heart. Hey, eating an excessive amount of calories and NOT exercising is bad for the heart. Get out and get physical! You don’t need a gym membership to go out for a jog or a swim.

If you’re wanting to shed the pounds that you put on during the Christmas holiday, there’s one thing you could have done beforehand to prevent that large gain-of-weight:


Happy New Year!

  1. #1 by Tamara on January 13, 2006 - 4:27 pm

    hmm… i\’m not sure i totally agree. and believe me, i\’m quaking in my boots as i say that… you\’re a damn intimidating person… but what are you going to do? come find me? go for it, i dare you hehehehe…i kinda look at new years (and resolutions as such) from an opposite angle. I joined a gym in october (or rather i changed gyms) and starting in january i altered my program a little. not becuase it was new years ( i did it like dec 30 ) but because i had the time off of work for 3 weeks to go and co-ordinate and bond with my dad at the same time. but new years was an excellent time to look at what i did during the year and compare it to what i wanted to do… i guess it gives my brain a good chunk of time that i can relate to… from the last time i was sitting there on new years eve until now. i dont\’ necessarily think that people should try to make lfie altering changes on new years (ex, i\’m going to go from not exercising at all to going to the gym 6x a week) because that\’s just setting yourself up for disaster. but i do maintain that it IS a good time to look at your life, and maybe nudge it back in the direction you wanted it to go…love alwayst

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