Don’t drink the tap water

Since mid-January, 2006, when I stopped my intake of any tap water, I’ve noticed that I sleep better (more than 7 hours), my energy level is up, I think more, I react faster, I’m not constantly tired, I’m not grumpy and my digestion has improved drastically. Overall, I believe the quality of my health has increased greatly since I’ve cut tap water out of my daily liquid intake. My guess is because of the fluoridation of tap water. Luckily for me, my landlady owns an old water-distillation machine and I’ve been using that constantly. I also buy bottled water when I absolutely have to. But could it be that my body reacts this way to the lower mainland tap water because I was born in northern B.C. and had been drinking that water for 20 years? Perhaps. But perhaps my body reacts this way because there’s too much fluoride in the tap water.

What’s the excuse for adding fluoride to public drinking water: to aid in dental wellness? So I’m supposed to believe that the government cares more about our teeth than with the pollution in the atmosphere from the cars we drive? If fluoride has been added to tap water to help out children who aren’t old enough to brush their teeth, what about the rest of us? We get enough fluoride with the toothpaste we use! I think some toothpastes and seafood contain enough fluoride to max out the daily intake.

A big argument is that fluoride helps in the fight against tooth decay. Why can’t we simply take the fluoride out of the tap water and brush our teeth more often? Can’t the toothpaste companies go on a massive advertising attack, pushing 27 different flavours (including Smashing Strawberry!) down our throats instead?

You can assume that I wear a tinfoil hat and whisper to people on the street about a massive global takeover by a totalitarian government, but you’d be wrong. I think that the more fluoride that’s in your body, the more docile you are, the less you think, the lower your immune system is, and the more susceptible you are to other health problems.

My only solutions to helping you are: buy bottled water (with the lowest possible fluoride levels) and boil your tap water, then freeze it. As for bathing, I have no solution. You could boil your water and dump it in your tub, but that would take all day. Buying bottled water and dumping that in your tub would cost (and be a waste of) a hell of a lot of money. I don’t know if there are shower nozzles out there that filter out fluoride (or if such technology is even possible), but that would help.

I’m not going to list any web page sources for why excess amounts of fluoride are bad for you. Rather, I encourage you to go out and find your own sources. Older books (from the 70s back) that go into detail about what exactly is in tap water are a good start (even though the levels of fluoride from then to now may be similar to weighing pebbles and boulders). Looking at web pages of reputable companies would be great too, but isn’t the term ‘reputable company’ an oxymoron nowadays?

My point is that I think the tap water is slowly breaking down our mental and physical health, and the government is, at the very least, partially responsible. I realize that by polluting our drinking water, they’re polluting us and we’re overcrowding the hospitals with our problems that they dumped on us (which wears down the economy), but does the government really care? Of course they say they do ( especially in times of election and re-election), but are they just hurling that shit over the fence and into our pens while they bring the real meal to the business folks on a silver platter? Who do we blame, what do we do, how do we get better, and most importantly: how do we know any of this is true?

I can only answer the last question: find out for yourself. I believe that something other that what we’re being told is taking place. I cannot prove it; it’s nothing more than a gut feeling at this point. But the body does not lie. The body is not like the mind; the mind can deceive and be deceived. The body reacts truthfully to what is happening to it. We must listen.

  1. #1 by Dan on February 14, 2006 - 1:29 am

    Hey interesting blog i comment frequently on issues of distrust when it comes to our government. You\’re right about the drinking water – I wonder if you like Bill Maher? Your comments about our body and how it doesn\’t lie remind me of his rants on the shape society is in – literally.
    Anyways come by my space if you like and take a look i\’m inviting people to watch my comedic short film Single and Hating It – in honor of valentines day ofcourse.
    The Last Realist

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