Random thoughts 6

My ‘safety and security’ does NOT include spy cameras in department store change rooms. It’s called “invasion of privacy” and it gives the people watching the monitors the pleasure of knowing that they get to be perverts while getting paid.

Today, there are more problems being created than solutions. Case in point: look at most prescription drugs and compare the list of ‘side effects’ with the claims of what the product is supposed to do to help/aid/relieve you.

When you expose someone to an event or a situation over and over again (bombardment), they begin to accept it as commonplace. Notice the rise of characters being tortured on T.V. shoes and movies? (Thanks to Alex Jones for pointing that out in his documentary “Martial law 9/11: Rise of the police state”.)

How come the media isn’t reporting on killer asteroids destroying the Earth anymore? Has that somehow been averted? Maybe the media’s bullshit spanning from one satellite to another formed a force field big enough to deflect any ‘killer asteroids’ and keep our planet safe. So maybe I was wrong, and the media’s bullshit IS necessary! Also, what happened to the Ebola virus and Mad Cow Disease?

I saw a headline on CNN while I was in the gym: CELL PHONE TRACKER. What kind of Orwellian nightmare are we entering into? Who funds these ideas? What I want to know is if the world leaders of nowadays were influenced by George Orwell’s “1984”, or if Orwell himself had great psychic powers? Maybe, when Orwell’s novel had been read by a great many, the world leaders of that particular point in time began analyzing the book and thinking to themselves, “Hey, that’s a good idea! That’d be a GREAT way to run the planet! We’d have control over everyone and everything. It would be so much easier…I wonder how we can do it…” Now look at the world. I think, after you look at everything that’s happened up until now, we are indefinitely headed towards that totalitarian police state that ‘they’ want. The Big Brother system is in place. They have the technology, but need more manpower and military. With a strong, wealthy, populated military, and the right equipment, ‘they’ will have the means to achieve their goal…whatever that goal may be.

Someone please explain to me how we’re all supposed to get by comfortably in this ‘free world’ and enjoy the luxuries (that advertisers keep trying to suck us into) when the price of gas, prescription drugs, property tax, rent, and some food has gone up significantly? The price of everything keeps rising, but minimum wage stays the same. Some people have too many kids to feed, and that’s their fault. They should know that when penis A is inserted into vagina B and massive friction occurs, the spawn will be on the way. But could that be due to a lack of sexual education? And who do we have to blame for a lack of sexual education? Religion comes to mind, but I can’t attack religion on that basis alone, can I? Anyway, some people have gambling problems, some are compulsive shoppers, and some simply HAVE to buy something every day. All those people need to be schooled on how to live on a fixed budget. I’m not saying that it’s the government’s fault OR the people’s fault, but most likely a mixture of both. And introducing new taxes isn’t going to help anyone save up enough money for rent and food this month. Something is wrong here. If, in the next 10 years, gas in B.C. is at 4 dollars per litre (and holding steady), property taxes have skyrocketed (compared to now), prescription drug prices have doubled or tripled and minimum wage is still around 8 dollars per hour, there’s a fucking problem. What gives with the government? Who’s getting paid off to not raise the minimum wage and keep other costs down? Why are people not seeing this growing problem? What exactly is Canada doing to have such a huge financial debt, and to WHOM do we owe this debt? How many countries do we owe money to and how can we pay them back? These are just a few of the factors that are contributing to an ever-shittying-societal shift. Why is the world “going to hell”? There are hundreds of homeless people all over the downtown Vancouver core an thousands of people (who have money) walking by them every day. We’ve clearly stopped caring about one another. And why is it that a lot of us don’t give change to homeless people? Some answers may be: they might spend it on drugs, they don’t deserve it, they should go out and get a job (my favourite ignorant line), there should be programs to handle that sort of thing, I just can’t afford to fork out any money right now…etc. That last line leads right back to people on fixed incomes (or limited budgets) who can only afford the essentials because the prices of everything keep going up.

In the documentary “Fahrenhype 9/11”, Ann Coulter asked what George W. Bush should have done on the morning of September 11th, 2001 when he was told that the country was under attack. “Was he supposed to jump up and scream and run out of the room?” She said that in such a way to suggest that it would be the barbaric thing to do, or something that a wimpy president might have done, or something that someone would do if they didn’t know how to handle a situation. What if George W. did this: when the Secret Service agent whispered to him, W. got up calmly, apologized to the class and the teacher for doing so, and explained that he had to leave because something urgent had come up (using the words “matters of national security” would not have been out of place at that time). He then could have said that he would gladly come back another time and sit in for a reading, but unfortunately, events are happening that require the president’s attention. He could then thank the teacher and the class for having him, and calmly walk out of the room. That, to me, sounds a bit more sensible than jumping up, screaming and running out of the room. It also sounds a HELL of a lot better than just SITTING THERE for seven minutes. What did that Secret Service agent tell him? “The country’s under attack in New York City, but don’t worry about it, we’ve got everything under control”? “’Operation Attack America’ had commenced and most of the plan had been successfully executed?” Why DID Bush just sit there? I know it’s a good idea to be courteous to kids when they’re reading, especially when there are dozens of TV cameras pointed directly at you (gives you a good image and shows that you’re polite), but the country’s under ATTACK! Then again, what WAS he to do? He avoided military service, so it’s not like he could have left the room, got into a fighter jet, and flown to New York City to do battle with “the evil doers”. And what good would a speech have done? Most (if not all) of the news networks would already be covering the attack, so it’s not like the President would be telling people anything new. Bill Maher, in his “I’m Swiss” stand-up performance, said, “This is not 1780! ‘Sir, the British fleet has left Portsmith.’ ‘WHAT? Well GET MOVING!’ Even that guy would have gotten up! ‘They’ll be here in three months…’ ‘THREE MONTHS? Well, what the fuck are you standing around for?’”

I’ve read about the current Internet being shut down and a new Internet put in its place. Then I read this article on Infowars.com. Is it possible that the Internet as we know it could be redone and overcharged, or is that all simply paranoid, tinfoil-hat talk? The only way to know for sure is to research how the Internet works and who the gatekeepers are. Find out what Rupert Murdoch owns and how powerful he is. The truth is the most important thing, and if Jones and the Infowars crew are right, then we must help preach their word. If, however, they’re wrong, we must correct them. The truth takes no side in a war.

Since we like celebrating so much here in North America, why don’t we have a ‘Mock the third world’ day where we sell giant amounts of food for low prices, and get video footage of lots of fat people eating all that food and talking about how lucky they are to be living here in North America? Wait, we do that every day! What we SHOULD do is extend our generosity to include a ‘Third world generosity day’ where we donate a whole bunch of money in one 24-hour period. Of course, there’s no way of knowing if donating money to such causes will actually get to those who need it because the companies and corporations running these charitable causes have to take a cut of the money to support themselves, and they could funnel more of that money to other places, like offshore banks.

Still believe the official story of September 11th, 2001? If you don’t know much about what happened that day, start reading. Read anything and everything you can find. Don’t believe one story and ignore the rest; read it all. Make up your own mind once you’ve heard enough angles on the story. Pulling off something like 9/11 takes a lot of time, practice, thinking, drills and skills. It’s no wonder that there were so many little things that went wrong. The people who set up 9/11 accomplished a lot of their goals, but as in a controlled experiment, there are always variables that you cannot control. In this day and age, there are a lot of people with video cameras and independent voices who do what they can to refute official stories, such as the one given for the reasons of the September 11th terrorist attack. I myself was not there, I don’t know what exactly happened, but I’ve seen and read quite a bit about it, and I do NOT believe the official story. My good friend Sarah sent me a link to a documentary called “Loose change: 2nd edition”. It’s 1 hour and 21 minutes long.


So a chunk of a building in Oklahoma was destroyed, the Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed…what’s next? In this grand production of fear mongering, the action has to keep getting bigger and more dramatic. Nuke a city? Blow up a few oil tankers near a preschool? A chemical gas attack on a highly populated area? What are the think tanks coming up with? What other ‘acts of terrorism’ are they plotting so they can push through another agenda (e.g. War in Iraq accepted by the public resulting from the events of 9/11)? To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, look up ‘state sponsored terrorism’ or “Operation Northwoods” on a search engine.

Dose Magazine, March 24-26th, 2006 edition: Stephen Harper quote on page 6: “I propose to Canadians a new vision”, “a plan to renew faith in government, to instill a culture of accountability in Ottawa.” Does that mean you’re going to quit now, Mr. Harper? Politicians say the same positive things at the beginning of (and when they’re running for) an election, but when you look at what they’ve done when their time is up, you slap yourself silly for believing their empty promises in the first place. I think what Mr. Harper should have said is this: “Because of the LIBERALS, Canadians no longer trust their government. We will change that. The CONSERVATIVES will make everything alright again. The LIBERALS are to blame for everything that’s bad. The CONSERVATIVES will save the day.” You instill a bunch of laws that promote your Conservative beliefs and those who don’t agree with you are Liberals, Commie bastards, Hippies, and Evil-doers? It’s the same story in the U.S.A. Can someone do some research and find out if there are more wars in the world when the Conservatives/Republicans are in office, or the Liberals/Democrats? There’s a reason that a lot of young people don’t vote: THEY KNOW THAT IT’S A WASTE OF THEIR TIME. Also, do you know the reason that many ‘good people’ aren’t in office? They don’t want to become corrupt. That’s what politics do: corrupt and transform you from a normal, caring human being into some greedy, fascist monster that wants their opinion to be made into the law.

The cover story from the same edition of Dose was, “The thin line between right and wrong: Welcome to the wonderful world of ethics”. Hey! They met my friend, Sarcasm! But they neglected to use common sense in their title: THERE IS NO THIN LINE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG. The picture on the front of the magazine shows an open wallet, with a pink arrow pointing towards it. Inside the arrow is this text, “In a Dose.ca poll: 58% of you said you’d keep this wallet if you found it. 42% said you’d return it to its rightful owner.” Who are these people that took the poll? And, more importantly, WHY would they keep the wallet, and what specific contents would they keep? If the majority of them said ‘money’, one would have to wonder: are these people not good at managing their money? Do they live somewhere where they have to pay a higher rent than their current job can pay them to afford? If, somehow, those polled in that little ‘wallet dilemma’ survey represented those of us who lived in this country, what would that say about the country? I think we live in a pretty decent society where we can afford to buy a lot of things, we have some freedoms and our economy has not gone bust…YET, these people would STILL keep money that belonged to someone else; a “wonderful world of ethics” indeed.

Have you ever been forwarded an email called “Life is not what it seems”? Here’s the entire text from that forward:

Have a close look at both the photographs and read the message below them. Forward this message to as many people as you can. This won’t fulfill any of your wishes; nor will deleting it cause any misfortune; but it’s our moral duty to be concerned…towards humanity; that’s it. Take care and God bless…

Next is a picture. Below are the words printed on it:

The PHOTO in the mail is the “Pulitzer Prize” winning photo taken in 1994 during the Sudan famine. The picture depicts a famine stricken child crawling towards an United Nations food camp, located a kilometer away.
The vulture is waiting for the child to die so it can eat it. This picture shocked the whole world. No one knows what happened to the child, including the photographer Kevin Carter who left the place as soon as the photograph was taken.
Three months later he committed suicide due to depression.

Finally, a paragraph under the picture completes the email…

This was found in his diary,
Dear God, I promise I will never waste my food no matter how bad it can taste and how full I may be. I pray that He will protect this little boy, guide and deliver him away from his misery. I pray that we will be more sensitive towards the world around us and not be blinded by our own selfish nature and interests.
I hope this picture will always serve as a reminder to us that how fortunate we are and that we must never ever take things for granted.
Please don’t break…keep on forwarding to our friends On this good day. Let’s make a prayer for the suffering in anywhere any place around the globe and send this friendly reminder to others Think and look at this…when you complain about your food and the food we wasted daily…



Kevin Carter

Could there be an unconscious link between this forward and obesity? Could it be that fat people in restaurants are piling up their plates because they read this and have pledged to never waste their food? “Eat up, children, for there are little black kids dying of starvation in the Sudan!”. We here in North America have an OVERABUNDANCE of food. In the Sudan, they do not have supermarkets and 7-11’s every few blocks. We’re spending too much money on eating for ourselves and not enough on getting food to other countries that desperately need it. We’re STOCKPILING food over here! Are there any employees of supermarkets out there who are witness to the massive dumping of spoiled food because it wasn’t purchased by the ‘best before’ date?
Also, it was said that Carter took the photograph and left without helping the child. I’m not going to dwell on that because it’s already been covered by many people who criticized him for doing so. However, they’re right that he should have helped that kid. God DID try to protect that child, Kevin…BY SENDING YOU TO IT! What more of a sign did you need? Was the heat getting to you? What was the guy thinking? “Gee, it’s too bad there’s no one here to help this little one get to the food camp! Oh well…” <click>
Unlike other email forwards, this one doesn’t try to make you feel bad for not passing it on, nor does it try to entice you into passing it on by promising that a wish will come true if you send it to a certain number of people in a certain amount of time. Surprisingly, the forward was correct in stating that Kevin committed suicide (unlike many other forwards which have fake people and fake circumstances in order to try and make you believe the story)! Wow! A non-bullshit-forwarded email! This is like finding a golden nugget in a 10-foot square patch of cow patties!
The point of the forward is that we here in the West should be thankful for what we have. It’s right about that, but it’s not right in saying that we should eat and eat and eat and eat and eat until we die. That’s where obesity comes into play. Think about what you’re eating! The kid was dying from a lack of food and we’re dying from too much.

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