The Adult entertainment industry

What is pornography and why is it so popular? In some of Bill Hicks’ early acts, he said, “The Supreme Court says that pornography is ‘any act that has no artistic merit and causes sexual thought.’” He then retorts with, “You wanna know what causes sexual thoughts? Havin’ a dick. Or if you’re a woman, havin’….whatever.” I believe he’s right; when I was younger, I didn’t need to see sex (or anything RELATED to it) in order to become sexually stimulated. I started thinking dirty, THUS, I wanted to see pornographic acts.

I think Hollywood, unlike the porn industry, is afraid to embrace the selling of movies on the Internet because (and I haven’t been able to prove this) they haven’t established an efficient enough price-gouging monopoly on the whole thing yet; they’re still having meetings, going over demographic charts and flipping coins when they can’t make decisions. But the porn industry? “FUCK YEAH WE’LL SELL MOVIES ONLINE!” And why not, they’ll make a killing! The industry helped to popularize VCR’s; of course they’ll embrace another moneymaking avenue! The porn industry is a billion-dollar industry, and do you know why? Because there are lots of people out there who want to see horny smut on screen (if not a theatre screen, then TV or, in modern times, the computer). Millions of people are willing to part with millions of dollars so they can watch some tiny white chick with giant fake boobs get pounded by a muscular black guy with an erect dick so long that you could fit all of the singing crows from “Dumbo” on it and watch them tap-dance their way through a number.

Why do people like porn? I’ll venture a few guesses:
(1) They’re interested in what a certain woman looks/sounds/acts like when she’s being pounded like a jackhammer on concrete.
(2) They’re lonely and want to be a part of something. How easy is it to download a 10-20 second clip from the internet of some guy having sex with a woman with the camera positioned so it appears that the viewer is having sex with the woman (P.O.V., or point-of-view)? That puts the viewer in the driver’s seat and gives them that interactive advantage they’re looking for, thereby fulfilling the fantasy and eliminating that lonely feeling. And pornographers know (the way that some diet companies know about some fat people) that there are some lonely, desperate people out there who are willing to empty their wallets in order to fulfill their fantasies.
(3) Because they have a voracious appetite for sex, and the porn industry specifically deals with feeding that appetite.
(4) It’s entertainment, no matter which way you look at it. Some people have rented porn movies just to get a good laugh, and some couples have rented the same movies to have a teaching tool for expanding themselves sexually.

It wouldn’t surprise me that I won’t get any comments on this blog because, although people have sex, very few are willing to talk about it. I’m not asking you to do that. What I’m fishing for is why you think the porn industry is so rich and popular, and DO they deserve to have all that money and power? What about the businessmen funding the projects? How about the ‘actors’ in the films? (I use that word loosely because you don’t have to ACT horny to BE horny. It’s a film and you’re fucking in it. That is not acting. Period.) Should they be blacklisted from doing any sort of performing, ever, and if so, why?

I would think that the vast majority of religions out there (if not ALL of them) are opposed to pornography in every way, shape, and form. But I have a religious Christian friend who tells me that Christians are some of the horniest and most sexually active people there are! What is so evil about viewing pornography from a religious point of view? I believe that sex should be a private act between two people, not something that should be televised and played during lunchtime. As for not having sex before marriage, I haven’t made up my mind about that; true, it CAN be bad to “deflower” someone before you make a vow to spend the rest of your life with them, but wouldn’t a bad sex partner just be another one of those things on the growing list of “Ways my spouse pisses me off”? I realize there’s a lot more to marriage than just sex, but sex is a part of it and needs to be acknowledged.

I’m a single guy, so it would be a complete fallacy to say that I’ve never viewed pornography. I still have an active imagination, but once in a while I like to sit back and have the images projected into my brain from time to time (because there’s not a lot of blood going to the brain at some points). I think that the porn industry SPECIFICALLY targets men, and that men make up 95% of their audience. I think the majority of porn films focus on the woman, and if you’re a woman watching a porn film, I would think you’d want to see the GUY having sex (unless you’re a lesbian). And if you’re a rigidly straight guy, you want to see the woman having sex in the film with as little of the man in the frame as possible (so as to keep the “One dick per fantasy” rule intact, as mentioned by Dave Chappelle in one of his stand-up performances).

Should the porn industry stay or go? Do we actually need it in our lives or can we use our imaginations instead? And if the porn industry didn’t have all the money that it does, where would that money be? Is the industry actually helping lonely people, or is it polluting society? And have you ever done a search on the Internet for the funniest/wierdest porn movie titles? It’s interesting to see just how strange some people are and how far off base some are willing to take a silly idea. It’s also great fun if you’re bored and need to be cheered up in the way that knowing that no matter how many dumb things you’ve said in your life, it probably won’t compare to the blithering idiot that came up with the porn movie title, “Star warts episode 5: the hump-pire strikes from the back” and WAS SERIOUS ABOUT IT.

MSN Spaces would not let me use the word “Pornography” as the title of this blog, yet the word (and derivatives of it) appears 22 times here. The word is central to the ideas and opinions expressed in this blog and is used to describe the contents of the blog, so why was it censored? MSN Spaces shot their Censorship load all over my face and left me stumbling blindly to find the Thesaurus towel to clean myself up. Yay freedom.

  1. #1 by Vic on June 17, 2006 - 10:21 pm

    Well.Do we need the industry. Thats a loaded question. Of course we don\’t , but there are some who would differ. Like yourself.but I have been married for 21 would be a lie to say that I have never seen porn. It would also be a lie to say that I have never watched it with my wife.
    Lets just say, that like prostitution, porn will never fade away. Why ? Because we are alive and we have sexual thoughts. Both Men  and women.

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