Robert Dziekanski


Videos: (Paul Pritchard’s video on Youtube) (Paul’s own words about the incident) (Story by Global) (13 minute report by “Journeyman pictures”)

CTV & CBC reports on the incident and aspects of it: (Day after report and Sima Ashrafinia’s interview) (CBC news piece about Dziekanski on October 15th, 2007) (rough timeline & short interview with Pritchard) (RCMP’s statements proved wrong by Pritchard’s video) (Pritchard talks of suing RCMP for non-return of tape) (Taser use) (RCMP Assistant Commissioner Peter German answers a question) (Toronto Chief of Police Bill Blair interviewed: Part 1 of 2) (Toronto Chief of Police Bill Blair interviewed: Part 2 of 2) (YVR Vancouver International talks about interpreters and the like) (Some background on Dziekanski) (Psychologist comments upon viewing tape) (CBC’s “A deadly landing”) (Big changes at YVR!) (Who’s to blame and how did he die?) (Canada Border Services Agency under the light) (When did Dziekanski die?)


No drugs, alcohol in man who died at airport – (Autopsy report)

Robert Dziekanski Taser incident – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Wikipedia’s version of the events)

Robert Dziekanski – A Victim, or a Scapegoat of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – (RCMP goes to Poland!)

RCMP to probe Dziekanski’s history in Poland – (CTV’s version of “RCMP goes to Poland!” Are you FUCKING WITH ME? To me, the RCMP telling the public that they’re traveling to Poland to investigate Dziekanski’s ‘criminal’ past is saying {to me, at least} that they’re trying to justify what they did to Dziekanski. A jaywalker, you say? He was surely a criminal! Shoplifting? It’s a good thing you tasered him twice! A speeding ticket? The man was a terrorist, no less! The RCMP SAVED US ALL from this criminal megalomaniac! You should all praise them and kiss their steel-toed shoes!)

Dziekanski still alive by the time medical help arrived – RCMP – CBC News (Dziekanski still alive after being tasered!)

Fire chief refutes IHIT’s Taser story – Richmond News (Fire chief refutes IHIT’s story!)

The Robert Dziekanski killing and cover-up – Cops now feel compelled to speak out –


Some have said that the police “murdered” Dziekanski; I disagree. I believe that he was KILLED by the police, but not murdered, because to murder is to kill with intent. Being killed (in this particular case) means that you die as the result of actions taken by other persons. I don’t believe those four officers encountered Dziekanski with the intent of murdering him, but I believe they had received information that led them to believe that he was a threat (hence, Pritchard overhearing one of the officers ask another if he can taser Dziekanski). Nonetheless, Dziekanski is dead and the four officers involved have not been identified (for their own safety, of course, even though they were responsible for the death of a man and now the long arm of the law is protecting them from any sort of prosecution).

There used to be a video on Youtube called “Megaman vs. Polish immigrant”. When confronted with the Polish immigrant (as if the Polish immigrant was a ‘final boss’ in the level), Megaman has three choices: use restraint, call a translator, and taser mercilessly. In my view, Megaman chose the least desirable of the three options because his decision reflects the poor decision of the four RCMP members who encountered Dziekanski that morning. The creator of the video, Mike Greenway, had this to say:

“After getting several emails and seeing a few news articles on this clip, I have decided to respond: This video was more of a statement on police tazer use than anything. It’s been a few months since the original tazer video was leaked. Like many others I felt that the police had other options when they happened upon the man. Sadly they chose to tazer him as opposed to trying to calm him down, get a translator, or even subdue him the conventional way.”

Some people tried to brush off the video as childish and immature, but I think what Mike was expressing was that the four members of the RCMP that encountered Dziekanski used very little training/reasoning to handle the situation and more police state/brutality-style tactics (the word ‘Draconian’ fits in here quite nicely).

In some cases, rapists and pedophiles that live in a residential area have to identify themselves to their neighbors, and in other cases the police release the information so as to alert the public. In the Dziekanski case, would it be fair to say that the four officers who were responsible for the death of Mr. Dziekanski should be identified for the public’s own safety? Sometimes when priests molest boys and are caught, their punishment is relocation to another city; to me, that’s not a punishment, that’s an excuse to do it again in a different part of the world – and, lo and behold, the four officers in the Dziekanski case were “reassigned”! Wow, coincidence?

Who is going to police the police? There have been at least 16 deaths by Taser in Canada in the past 4 years. I believe the time has come to take the toys away from the children if they’re going to misbehave with them. At what point does a person/suspect become so dangerous (either to the police, the public, or both) that they have to be tased? And what is the minimum number of times that a person needs to be tased in order to be detained? Has there been any experimentation done? What do the results show? Where are the studies concerning the voltage on the human body when the taser is deployed? What amount of voltage is needed to temporarily stun a human being for a certain amount of time (studies using persons {both sexes} of various heights and weights, with various amounts of voltage)?

It appears that the police have a gang mentality in that they look out for (and protect) their own, no matter what the cost. Looking out for your buddies is one thing, but they have the job of upholding the law, and, as police officers, breaking ANY law is contradictory to having the job in the first place.

I hate to say it, but without the death of Robert Dziekanski, many of us would not have seen how the RCMP can behave/lie (and how their superiors can try to cover up for them). Still, we should never have heard of Dziekanski – he should be at some construction site in or around Kamloops right now, trying to learn English, trying to adapt to his surroundings and doing everything else an immigrant should be doing when introduced to a new way of life.  3

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