Peak Oil and Overpopulation

What would you do if you heard that the world was running out of oil? Would you believe it, or think of it as nothing more than fear mongering and conspiracy talk? Would you even consider the possibility that the remaining oil reserves on this planet are of a finite amount? How would you take that news?

Consider the possibility of the Peak Oil theory; this means that you consider the possibility that there’s only so much oil on the planet and that human reproduction is increasing with no slowdown in sight. Now combine the two: only so much oil left in the world + an ever-increasing human population = what?

What will the human race do when there’s no more oil left for it to use? How will you be able to access the Internet and read certain details from events that the mainstream media will not report on if you have no electricity, and thus, no Internet access? How will you keep the food in your refrigerator cold? How will you get food from the local supermarket if there is no fuel in the trucks that deliver the food to those stores? How will you travel abroad and visit your friends and loved ones?

Once you allow the possibility of Peak Oil to sink in, you may realize that your outlook on your comfortable Western life will change drastically; without electricity (remember that oil plays a major part in how power plants run) and transportation, a great many things become unavailable to you: no longer will you have the use of big screen TVs and cell phones; you’ll be resorting to watching people act out scenes from their favorite movies in front of you and remembering long speeches to deliver to other groups of people as you travel on foot; you’ll have to learn how to hunt, fish, and farm; you’ll become a MacGyver of sorts, using everything you have around you to keep yourself warm, your food cold, and your family alive. You will become your ancestors.

In a world without oil, a lot of jobs will become obsolete. There will be no need for computer technicians, auto mechanics, or courtroom typists. You’re a lawyer? Okay, but how the hell does that help you feed your family when paper money is useless and there’s no economy? You’re a teacher? Great, but what are you going to read from once we’ve burned all the books to keep warm and cook our food? You’re a professional stock trader? Wonderful, you’re COMPLETELY useless!

Oil is a great thing; too bad we here in the West have become completely dependant on it. If you disagree with me on that, take a look around and see what ISN’T made completely (or partially) from oil. What is powered by oil that makes other products? What kind of medical technology would we have left if you took out all the things that had at least SOME kind of involvement from oil? Do you see where I’m going with this?

Technology is created from and fueled by oil, and who uses technology? We do! And, because there are more and more of us each year, even more technology is used, which means even more oil gets used this year than the previous year! More humans = more oil consumption.

Now, you may be thinking, “Well, if that’s the case, let’s get rid of some of these humans…or at least slow the birthrate!” Good luck with that. There are those in the past who have attempted to slow the birthrates of their countries through sterilization, and they’ve been called murderers and monsters for attempting to control their populations. What else can they do? Some religions are completely against sex education, and without sex education, some people are completely clueless as to where babies come from!

Hundreds and hundreds of years ago (and probably as recently as 100 years ago), some families had large numbers of children, mainly because so many died at so young an age (either from lowered immune systems resulting in diseases easily overcoming them or accidents). Nowadays it’s a different story: with science and medical technology at our side, we no longer have to reproduce at the rates we used to because we have found ways to increase human longevity and keep people alive even if they have life-threatening diseases (primarily because we have the medical supplies and know-how to treat them).

So what am I suggesting to you? Genocide? Sterilization on a mass scale? The abolishment of religions that ban sex education? Certainly not! I am simply suggesting that rational discourse should be exercised. Incidentally, there were think-tanks formed at least forty years ago to create scenarios where the population exceeded the amount of natural resources available, and what solutions may have been presented because of said scenarios. Sadly, some of the solutions included sterilization, the release of deadly viruses, continual war, and mass extermination to either maintain the population at certain levels, or decrease it. Unfortunately for them, world population has increased exponentially in the past 50 years: approximately 2 billion people existed in the 1950’s, and now, in 2008, approximately 6.5 billion people exist. Technology has also exponentially increased, but oil and natural gas reserves have not.

So what’s a human race to do? I myself have no idea, but if the theory of Peak Oil is true, then we have a lot of talking to do, and fast, because as Michael C. Ruppert predicted, world oil production peaked in 2006 and will decline in a bell curve even as the population steadily increases. The results? Social chaos, the complete collapse of the modern way of life, no more of those silly ‘Dinner and a movie’ date commentaries that fill page after page of junky magazines…

What can we do? Is there ANYTHING we can do? Should we keep on living and pretending there’s no such thing as Peak Oil and that everything will turn out ‘just fine’ in the end? Does the human race deserve to fall? Do billions of people deserve to die so that a few million (or a few hundred thousand, perhaps less) can continue to enjoy the technology of today? Does anybody even care?

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