Not long after the creation of the Taser (a tool created for use by police officers to subdue ‘suspects’ without having to resort to a hand-to-hand combat weapon such as the baton or the use of a lethal weapon, such as a gun), ‘suspects’ began dying after being ‘subdued’ by the weapon. Inquiries were made into what could have caused such deaths. Theories were discussed, such as excessive force used by officers (more than one taser shot per ‘suspect’) and the taser being too powerful (too much voltage in a single shot). These theories, for the most part, were discarded in favour of the more reasonable suggestions that the ‘suspects’ in question had either taken drugs before the encounter, had a history of health problems, or were in an excited physical state (known as “excited delirium”) upon being encountered.

However, scientists are now beginning to look at the taser itself. Could this tool have a mind of its own? Instead of being an extension of the law, could it have the power to control the mind of the very law enforcement officials who use it? Could the taser be a type of foreign mind-control technology from another world that we have conveniently ‘stumbled upon’? Some officers have no memory of what happened after grabbing their taser weapons, some report an overwhelming need to cause violence upon other persons (even if those persons were causing no trouble whatsoever), and others have not been allowed to comment after an encounter, mainly because their departments have prevented them from making statements (no doubt because the officer was too traumatized to speak on their own behalf). In cases of the latter, police departments have made statements for the officer, as the officer was no doubt kept away from the public eye in order to recover from such a shocking event.

Read carefully the stories listed below, take special note of the details surrounding the events and, as always, keep an open and objective mind (just as the news media has done and will continue to do for the great benefit of the public, keeping them duly informed with information that was gotten fast, first, and right).

68 Year Old Stroke Victim Tasered After Double Parking – CHBC News

82-year-old Tasered by Chicago police –

Blind Lady Tased By Cop! ….Also She Has Cancer

Blind Woman Tasered by Dayton Police – Newsvine

Handcuffed Woman Tased in Police Station –

Houston man tasered leaving hospital with newborn baby – ParentDish

Injured, Tasered Teen – ‘At Least I’m Alive.’ – KY3 News

Man dies after being stunned with Taser – WTHR

Man dies after being Tasered by Winnipeg police – CanWest News Service

Man Tasered ‘Breaking’ Into Own Home – KETV 7

Miami Police Use Taser To Subdue Wheelchair-Bound Man – WTVJ Miami

N.C. Teen Dies After Police Shock Him With Taser at Grocery Store –,2933,340315,00.html

Naked man dies after 4 taser shocks – The Raw Story

Officials – Deputy Shocks Girl, 11, With Taser At Elementary School – WKMG Orlando

Parents question why Ozark police used stun gun on injured son – KY3 Video

Police shot diabetic in coma with Taser – because they thought he was suicide bomber – Mail Online–thought-suicide-bomber.html

Police Use Taser On 6-Year-Old Boy At Miami School – WTVJ Miami

Pregnant woman ‘Tasered’ by police is convicted – Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter

Rad Geek People’s Daily 2008-06-13 – Law and Orders #7

RCMP subdue hospitalized man, 82, with Taser – CBC News

Tasering of mom with baby ‘necessary,’ police say – Vancouver Sun

TNT – TRUTH … not TASERS – February 2007

Winnipeg man dies after being tasered by police –

From the examples listed above, the taser is not a friendly weapon in the hands of any human being; it removes common sense and turns those who are employed to protect us into those who wish to do harm to their fellow human being. It may even be a death rattle for the human race if special precautions are not immediately taken. If you happen upon an officer of the law who is holding the taser in his hand, help that officer by getting that weapon out of his hands forthwith, for he is not in a rational state of mind because the taser is controlling his both mind and his body. The officer, the ‘suspect’, and no doubt the entire community will thank you (perhaps in excess) in due time.

It should also be noted that, as well as law enforcement officers, tasers seem to influence the minds of judges, lawyers, and politicians (some for a short time, while others remain permanently affected). This should remove all doubt as to this alien weapon’s dangerous power. Run from it if you see it, disable it if you can, and by all means, destroy the taser before it shocks the human race out of existence.

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