Videos! part 2

1970’s marijuana warning commercial


Ben takes a photo of himself everyday

Big Brother Hates Being Filmed!

Cell Phone Abusers ~ Some People are Fighting Back

CIA Mind Control

Compilation of dumb Soccer Players Faking Their Injuries

cops who make big fucking mistakes

Dentist Speaks Out Against Fluoride

Diet & Nutrition : How to Become Obese

Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy

Fight injustice today. Stand up for a fellow LiveLeaker.

Global Warming – Al Gore sued by 30.000 Scientists

Henry Rollins Tees Off on Halliburton-style privatization

How The Media Controls Your Mind

How to Brainwash a Nation

How You Ended The War


Is Splenda Really As Safe As They Say It Is?

Kid gets sunburn. Father goes to jail…

Meat Smoothie

Medical Malpractice

MegaMan vs Polish Immigrant

MK-Ultra – Mind Control

Oil supplies? Don’t worry! Forget Peak Oil!

Operation Paperclip / MKULTRA / CIA Mind Control

Population Reduction 2012

Population Reduction 2012 part2

Rewarding fat people…

Smokers Are Terrorists

Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work

The Triumph and Tragedy of a Genius: Robert Oppenheimer

The Truth About Codex Alimentarius – Complete Summary

The Truth about Television and Mind control

UK war vets aggressive arrest caught on tape

Woman becomes a quadruple amputee after giving birth

You Tube | You Tube Censorship


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