WITHIN these pages, you will read story after story that will BEND your spine, TWIST your logic, and BASH ANY RESPECT YOU EVER HAD FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT RIGHT OUT OF YOU (much like what happened to the victims).
There are those out there, ladies and gentlemen, who would DARE to call this article DISGUSTING, GROTESQUE, an EMBARRASSMENT to ENTERTAINMENT……..and even…BLAND and BORING (those UFC fans can never get enough, huh? Then again, they don’t read much). Y’know, it sounds to me like some of these people need a baton beating themselves in order to underSTAND and ENJOY good, quality brutality, no? I mean, WHERE would society BE without HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOCUMENTED CASES of men and women in blue uniforms BEATing, TASing, and SHOOTing the ever-loving CRAP out of the general public? Could you IMAGINE?
The horror…..the horror……
AND NOW, ladies and gentlemen, PREPARE your gore-starved eyes for a FEAST of the likes of which would NEVER have seen the light of day had it not been APPROVED by THE LAW ITSELF.

First of all, let’s look at what police officers eat in order to give them superhuman power and the ability to disregard human life to such a reckless abandon that it’s surprising that the UN hasn’t condemned them yet….


Contrary to popular belief, not all cops are merciless murderers who look like steroid freaks. Wipe your eyes clean folks, for the following are the three most often-seen kinds of police officers that you want to take notice of:


The first one is what you would usually see on the street: in, near, roaming around or rooting through the dumpster of a donut shop. The second one is most commonly seen in Hollywood movies (those that choose to portray the police as heroes) and videos from shaky, blurred cellphone cameras that are uploaded to Youtube depicting abuse by police. The third (and final) example is the least commonly seen by the public, for they are the ‘desk zombies’, the ones in the offices who edit…I mean, VERIFY the paperwork and keep the police force running like the well-oiled machine that it continues to function as to this very day.

To start off, here’s a great example of the well-oiled machine in action: police in New Orleans killed a 22-year-old man who had a gun and shot at them.

Adolph Grimes Shot 14 Times by Undercover New Orleans Police – CNN.com

So what if they shot at him 48 times? So what that 12 of the 14 rounds that hit him were extracted from his back? So what if he had a permit to carry a handgun and his family disputes that he would have shot at them? The lives of those nine undercover officers were at risk because of  the very existence of Mr. Grimes! You can’t argue with that!

Okay, one rock-solid case down! Moving on…

You see, folks, when you drink in public, you’re breaking the law. And we all know that drunken people can get violent and make life very uncomfortable. Such was the case with Ian Bush:

Sudden Death – The Police Murder of Ian Bush from Houston, BC – mostlywater.org

“Asked whether the public has a right to know about such policies, Constable Ward replied, “The public doesn’t have a right to know anything.””
And RCMP Media spokesman Staff Sergeant John Ward is absolutely right! Since when does the public think itself so righteous as to know the police’s policies of handling prisoners? SHAME on you, public, shame on you.

Here’s some more information on people who don’t have the right to know anything, like Mr. Bush’s family:
RCMP Bush Coverup – bcrevolution.ca

Nothing to see here, now move along…

Another wrong thing for the public to do: run from the police. Enter Christopher Harris:

Seattle Thug Cop Matthew Paul Attacks Innocent Man, Leaves Him In A Coma – blog.operation-nation.com

Wasn’t that cop like, SO in the right for doing that? Harris could have TOTALLY been a vicious murderer with a knife! OMG, the cop SAVED EVERYONE!

Let’s look at our most famous case from the early 90’s: The beating of Rodney King (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROn_9302UHg). Both the public and the police force shudder at the mention of this name (but for completely different reasons). I mean, what could be worse than a group of police officers punching, kicking, and laying the big ol’ black stick to the black man? Well, picture this: you’re behind the counter of a Tim Hortons when a troupe of angry cops walks in, desperate for a hit of the sweet, sugary coated donut heaven that they crave so badly, and you’re the one that has to break the news to them that the LAST angry troupe of cops who came in for a sugar high ended up taking not only all the donuts, but all the cash from the registers with them. And once you’ve imagined yourself suffering THAT beating, you might have an idea of what Rodney King was going through in the first thirty seconds of HIS fifteen minutes of fame.

If there were any cooler toy than the Taser (a small weapon designed like a pistol but shooting small tongs at your victim, temporarily paralyzing and dropping them instantly) for inflicting massive amounts of pain unto your unwilling victim, it’d only be found in a torture room.

Speaking of Tasers, did you know that the RCMP, as of June 2009, pulled all of the M-26 model tasers because THEY WEREN’T PRODUCING ENOUGH ELECTRICAL OUTPUT (no doubt this is a lesson they learned from ‘attempting to subdue’ Mr. Dziekanski, resulting in him being hit 5 times)?

RCMP ordered to pull older Tasers after 80% failed tests – Vancouver Sun

Folks, they’re doing the right thing; after all, the public pays the police to do their jobs. Wouldn’t you be happy to know that they only had to fire one or two taser shots instead of five or six, therefore saving you some tax money? Sure, their suspect is still dead, but hey, you get to buy another loaf of bread, and that’s important! The police care about the health of you and your family. You should thank them relentlessly for wanting to upgrade one of their weapons to a more deadly model. This is your chance, people, to thank the RCMP for what they do best. So whenever you see an officer of the law, run at him with open arms to give him the biggest hug you can possibly muster.

Sometimes officers are brought to ‘justice’ when a person dies while in their custody and the evidence shows that the officer involved was responsible for the death. Take this case as an example:

Officer charged in death of Tasered man – CNN.com

See? The system is fair and balanced, is it not? The public has nothing to fear! The police ARE here to protect us from the evil criminals out there….and sometimes…from maybe an officer or two on the force…BUT THAT’S NO REASON to not trust cops!

Let’s face it, folks: if you attack an officer in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, you are committing a crime and DESERVE to be punished to the FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW. Case in point:

Girl beaten in jail cell

You SEE? She CLEARLY ATTACKED HIM with her shoe. The officer was being professional and courteous by showing the young woman to her cell, and that’s the thanks he got for it…for DOING HIS JOB. I personally hope she got the death penalty for disrespecting a public official in that way.

Here is yet another example in a long list of direct disobedience to the men and women who risk their lives every single minute they’re on the job for us:

Texas Police Officer Tasers 72-Year-Old Grandmother Who Refused to Sign a Speeding Ticket – jonathanturley.org

You see? YOU SEE? The officer was CLEARLY IN DANGER and had every right to resort to the use of his Taser. That 72-year-old grandmother was behaving in a COMPLETELY UNRULY FASHION. Not only that, her body language was indicative that she was going to attack him, therefore making her a threat to the officer (which justifies using a weapon that discharges 50,000 volts). Good on ya, Constable McCain!

Robert Dziekanski…this is one dead guy we just HAD to resurrect in order to let the system kill him…AGAIN! But don’t worry: once the system is done with Mr. Dziekanski, he’ll be taken back to his grave: an underground rotisserie where his body will continually turn while the Canadian justice system fucks him over time and time again. If it wasn’t bad enough that poor Mr. Polski got tasered 5 times, and that emergency personnel weren’t called in time to save his life, the judge overlooking the evidence in the inquest declared that the officers involved DID NOT USE EXCESSIVE FORCE!

Dziekanski Tasered five times – Vancouver Sun

That should be enough to fill up your soup bowl with your own puke. Remember folks, excessive force is a MINIMUM…I repeat, MINIMUM 6 taser shots or more…but that’s to be determined AFTER the fact (by a judge, of course).

If there were ANY restrictions on Taser use (and yes, there WERE in the past), those restrictions have been eradicated, because as of at least September 2007, police can use Tasers on children! YAAAAAAAAAAY!

Now police are told they can use Taser guns on children – Daily Mail

Parents, have you found yourselves in a situation where your child will NOT listen to you, no matter what you do? Introduce a cop with his taser into the situation and VOILA! Problem solved! The child will never talk back to you as long as they live! Of course, after 50,000 volts of electricity run through the child’s body, they may be so traumatized that they’ll never say anything ever again.

Officers of the law: If you find that lawsuits against you regarding your use of the Taser are piling up faster than the bodies of ‘criminals’ and ‘suspects’ at your feet, and you feel you have nowhere to turn, think again!

Police Are ‘Brainwashed’ by Taser Maker; Psychologist Blames Instructions – Vancouver Sun

Now, it may seem to those reading the article that this is just another dead end (title: “Police Are ‘Brainwashed’ by Taser Maker; Psychologist Blames Instructions), but in actuality, it is your saviour. Oh yes! What the liberal ninny Neal Hall is trying to do is conceal from the public that the medical term “excited delirium” really exists! HE is trying to BRAINWASH the PUBLIC! But we see through your mental trickery, don’t we, officers? Who cares that many people have died from being tasered, those are all just lies by the liberal media. And those people didn’t even die from taser use. They died because…..they were HIGH ON COCAINE! YES! EVERY ONE OF THEM! The autopsies will find IN EVERY CASE that those people got what they had coming to them and that the police were justified each and every single time (and if the autopsies didn’t find cocaine in the dead person’s system, then the person performing the autopsy was a Liberal pinko commie who hates freedom). Have you ever encountered a person who was high on cocaine? The police were merely defending themselves from those  WHITE POWDER MANIACS! Why, those cocaine abusers would have KILLED EVERYONE THEY COULD GET THEIR HANDS ON had the police not been able to stop them! Even your DOG! Yes, YOUR DOG. Poor little Fluffy would have been MAULED TO DEATH by the EVIL-doers marching under the orders of their imaginary Peruvian God! Praise the Taser! Because of that weapon and the heroic people that devised it, YOUR little Fluffy is ALIVE AND WELL! Fluffy and other dogs like him ALL OVER THE WORLD LOVE the Taser! In fact, Taser International is in talks with Breeder’s Choice to start adding tiny Taser toys to all bags of dog food sold in every country where Tasers are carried by police officers. Hey, your kids get toys with McDonald’s, so this is no different!

Here is a short list of other ‘taser incidences’ that the Liberal media has chosen to capitalize on. It wouldn’t surprise me that all these ‘events’ were staged for some sissy (Liberal) political purpose. That’s right, I think members of the Liberal media set each of these stories up to make us think that police are bad…..even though that would take a LOT of people, and SURELY one of them would have talked by now about it being fake and staged (even though they haven’t). Well, they’ve sure done a good job of TRYING to convince us that it’s real! Aw hell, it’s free entertainment! Think of it this way: the person being tased is the Liberal and the person doing the tasering is the Conservative. There! You are now rooting for the good guys….

RCMP subdue hospitalized man, 82, with Taser – CBC News

Teenager dies after being tased by Martinsville Police – wsls.com

Mentally Retarded Man Beaten, Tasered by Chicago Police – The New Standard

In closing: if you ever find yourself in the custody of the police, pray for your soul to be delivered to Heaven and to God himself, because he may be the only one that will have mercy on that soul of yours; the people who put you in that cell in the first place sure won’t! And if you happen to survive the brutal onslaught by bored cops who like using live humans as piñatas, beware of the other inmates in the cells, for they too have suffered much at the hands of law enforcement, and will be desperate to take out their frustration and aggression on each other…and YOU. On top of it all, should a police officer happen to damage his baton while using it on you repeatedly, or break a knuckle while punching you in the face/throat/chest/stomach/genitals, you may receive a fine for destruction of property or assault on a police officer!

But there’s a way to help out your fellow officer in that situation: stop drinking milk. Milk provides calcium, which is important in keeping bones healthy and strong. Mr. Officer-of-the-law is less likely to damage the bones in his hand while punching you if there are no solid bones in your body, right? And you’ll DEFINTELY have one less charge (assaulting an officer) on your rap sheet! Plus, you’ll also be helping the environment and saving yourself a few dollars in groceries! Everybody wins!

Remember this: in the future, when crime has gotten so bad that a police state has to be declared indefinitely, if the police are looking for you and they find you, they won’t be reading you your Miranda rights…they’ll be reading you your last rites.

Sleep tight!

(Soon to become a stage play and, if enough funding is collected, a minor motion picture! That is, of course, if the controversy doesn’t get it banned first and/or the cast and crew aren’t hunted and killed by police officers….pardon me, I meant to say that they would ‘accidentally die’ due to their own ‘carelessness’ or ‘unforeseen accidents’.)


3 BC cops arrested in alleged assault of delivery man – Vancouver Province

92-year-old woman’s death has done little to curb the use of paramilitary police tactics around the country – reason.com

B.C. transit police stun fare cheaters with Taser – documents – CBC News

Canada police ‘cover-up’ on death – BBC News

Canadian deaths involving Taser – ThePigs.ca

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