Random thoughts 11

If you know that you yourself are not a terrorist, then why do government institutions and airports still believe that you might be? (The laws of the Patriot Act and other draconian pieces of legislation apply to absolutely everyone.) They wouldn’t be collecting information on everyone if they weren’t suspicious of us; there wouldn’t be blood, DNA and information databases on the general population if we weren’t seen as a possible threat.

Is there any reason for the police to take your child down to the police station and fingerprint them? This is done under the guise that the children are going on a “field trip” to the police station (usually in grades 2 or 3). Besides showing your children various rooms and offices, they decide to make it “fun” by placing a few of the children in a jail cell. Isn’t taking your fingerprints without your knowledge a violation of your rights? Apparently the children DO know that they’re being fingerprinted (this is the flimsy argument presented in favour of fingerprinting young children who don’t know any better)! It’s a shame they’re not told that their fingerprints, once taken, are in the fingerprint database FOR LIFE. It’s also a shame that the parents aren’t told when this is happening, or if they give consent to their child being fingerprinted.

Is taste more important than nutrition? (E.g. fruit doesn’t taste as good as candy bars, but which has more fat, MSG, added chemicals, etc.) Why is junk food heavily advertised while fruits and vegetables are hardly advertised at all? What kind of impact do you think this has on a young mind?

“If you’re the Jack Bauer person, you’ll do whatever you do and you should be prepared to take the consequences,” Bill Clinton said in the following article:
Torture like Jack Bauer’s would be OK, Bill Clinton says – NY Daily News
Bill Clinton trying to convince people that torture (of terrorists) is good and necessary because a FICTIONAL TV CHARACTER (lead character from the TV series “24” played by Kiefer Sutherland) does it. Government officials know that they can’t directly say that they torture people, so they bypass that and throw in hero-type fiction stories to justify their means.

Do Canadians want to see Canadian actors and Canadian produced TV shows on Canadian TV screens, or American actors and American productions? Answers are:
1.      Yes
2.      No
3.      Don’t care (as long as I’m entertained).

We need more Canada on TV – actra.ca
Page 4 of InterACTRA Winter 2009 – ACTRA’s TV drama campaign
( gives more information about ACTRA (the Canadian actor’s union) fighting to get more Canadian content on Canadian airwaves, pointing out that Canadian broadcasters are buying up more American programs than Canadian ones.

Asking questions and demonstrating peacefully does not mean that the person asking them is “causing trouble”…

If there’s a liberal media, then is there a ‘Conservative media’?

Here’s the ultimate object that hardcore conservative talk show hosts would rail against if it existed (in other words, the perfect scapegoat):  (a pin-on button that says) The Liberal Media made me do it

I’d rather have my ear to the ground than my head in the sand.

“Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.” – Bertrand Russell, “The Impact of Science on Society”, 1953, pg 49-50
Thimerosal in vaccines doesn’t lead to autism – Who do they think they’re fooling – nationalwriterssyndicate.com http://nationalwriterssyndicate.com/content/view/341/2/

Alex Jones made a good point about FEMA camps (hundreds of them have already been built all over the United States and each can house thousands of people): They’re not for Al Qaeda, they’re for the people of the United States…but for what purpose? What catastrophe would need to occur in order to put thousands of people into a FEMA camp (which is basically a large empty unit, save for sleeping cots, similar to a holding area)? Why do these camps exist, and for whom (did the people building the camps ask a question like that)? Do you really think there are hundreds of thousands of Al Qaeda members inside the U.S.?

Were Hollywood producers scared of the VCR when it was first made publicly available?
“In 1984, Hollywood lost its suit to keep Sony’s Betamax VCR off the market. The Betamax, Hollywood argued, would kill the movie industry. In the words of MPAA president Jack Valenti, the VCR was to the American film industry “as the Boston Strangler is to the woman home alone.” The most important thing to emerge from that case was the “Betamax doctrine,” the legal principle that a media technology is legal, even if it can be used to infringe copyright, provided that it has substantial non-infringing uses.” – from http://db.tidbits.com/article/6901

Where did the idea for pillows come from? Resting one’s head on a pillow curves the upper part of the spine upward when sleeping on one’s back (this, of course, depends on the size and thickness of the pillow). Sleeping on one’s side with a pillow under the head may help to straighten the spine, but there is added compression on whatever shoulder you’re laying on.

Is it possible that Depleted Uranium (DU) could be released in large amounts on the planet (with a predetermined half-life) to kill off the human population while the elite (those who plotted the release of the DU) hover safely above the Earth in a space station?

It’s not a conspiracy theory if it’s actually happening.

“Young people are traditionally the moving power of a revolution, and it looks like the machine has found out a good way of maintaining its status: keep them perpetually busy and feed them with a steady flow of misinformation.”
Quoted from the IMDb chat forum boards of the Zeitgeist: Addendum page

Serj Tankian once asked, “Why don’t Presidents fight the war? Why do they always send the poor?” The answer is simple: the poor represent the lowest of society, and sending them to die in war is a sort of societal cleansing, a way of getting rid of them without having to actually round them up and kill them (murder/genocide). Also, this serves a secondary function: with the poor off the streets and out of the taxpayer’s way, the military could use the help of these lower classes for the dirtier jobs in war. ‘Patriotic propaganda’ (“Do it fer yer country, son!”) will ensure that they do the job.

“Probably around 80-90% of the population, 80-90% of the time, will respond best to total body workouts. And I’d say that maybe 90-95% of the population, 90-95% of the time, will respond best to either total body or an upper and lower split.”
Developing a Training Philosophy – The Science of Total Training – alwyncosgrove.com

Religion & Politics – YTMND

World Suicide Prevention Day – September 10 – W.H.O. – International Association for Suicide Prevention – iasp.info
Therefore, September 11th would be International Terrorist’s Day.
For all you cynics, there’s a slogan here:
“Keeping them alive for a bloodier tomorrow.”

The following is why airport security has restrictions on bringing liquids through security at the airport:
“In 2006, British authorities discovered a terrorist plot to detonate liquid explosives hidden in bottles of energy drinks on flights from Heathrow Airport to, among other destinations, Montreal and Toronto. Since then, limits have been placed on the volume of liquids, gels and aerosols that can be carried through security checkpoints.”
– from a Canadian Air Transport Security Authority brochure entitled “Liquids, aerosols and gels”

Some people who comment on Arthur’s blogs have speculated as to whether or not Mr. Kade is a real person or a creation by a group of people (and some suspect he is simply creating an online persona). They mention names such as Borat and Stephen Colbert as examples of characters that the public believe are real (Borat was the focus of a mockumentary and Stephen Colbert ‘plays a Republican on TV’) but are not. Was Arthur Kade created for the purposes of entertainment? Or is he real (and really self-centered)? What would the purpose of such a fictional character be, anyway? Or could he be creating this arrogant persona in order to draw attention to himself?
Someone else with the name Kade made a comment to the effect that Arthur Kade is the Lonelygirl15 for 30-somethings.
Arthur Kade – Lonelygirl15 for Thirty Somethings – kadescorner.blogspot.com

It would not surprise me in the least if I were to learn that some of the people who have gone “missing” over the years were kidnapped for the purposes of human experimentation in military and/or top-level government projects. Even if those who were kidnapped were somehow (and for some reason) released and could recall memories of being experimented on, others who heard the story could write that off as “alien abduction” or simply “wild imagination”. With many people each year reporting that they had been abducted and experimented on by alien beings, those who were kidnapped by humans for human experimentation and released could simply accept the idea that they were kidnapped by aliens (kind of like a ‘self brainwashing’ technique) if such an idea were proposed, or ‘suggested’, to them. In the following interview, David Icke gives his thoughts on such things:
Who’s Controlling Who – An Interview With David Icke – bibliotecapleyades.net

There are many videos on Youtube that have been flagged and removed because WMG (Warner Music Group) has claimed copyright on the audio (music/songs) featured in said videos (some of which visuals were created by users, others being rips from music videos), and this is angering many Youtube users (type “WMG copyright” into the Youtube search bar and you’ll see what I mean). My solution is this: if you want to create a video with music, then create your own music! You could even record a backing track of yourself singing something entirely nonsensical (the lyrics “la la la/da da da” repeated over and over again come to mind) and add it to the video! “But,” some Youtube users may say, “then our videos won’t get many hits and therefore won’t become popular!” That may be true, and there’s nothing that can be done about that. People will watch if they’re interested, and they will watch what interests them. But if Youtube is removing videos where the visuals were created/put together entirely by users (meaning they’re removing ‘user content’, no matter if the video also has copyrighted music), then it can no longer be called “Youtube”. Perhaps “CopyrightTube” would be more appropriate, or “CoweringtoCorporateInterestsTube” (“GoogleTube” would be entirely too obvious). The Youtube censors/video removers are like gang members, spraying the “WMG has a copyright claim on the audio in this video” logo all over the user content landscape that is Youtube. If no one is profiting from posting these music videos, then what’s the problem? That’s FREE advertising for musicians and bands! More exposure most definitely leads to more interest!

Why drink pop on a hot day? Why not bring some cold water with you? If you’re sitting around in the heat consuming a carbonated beverage that is full of sugar, then you’re going to gain weight unless you’re using the beverage to replace energy that you’re burning (sports or other exercise). I suggest you save some money; think ahead by putting a few bottles of water in your fridge or freezer and bring them with you when you go out. We’re in a recession! Start thinking about what you’re doing instead of going along with your consumer impulses! Then again, the homeless people who pick up your empty bottles and cans are grateful for those thirst-quenching impulses of yours (not to mention your disregard for the environment).

No psychic predicted 9/11; therefore, they should all be fired.

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO Y2K? WHY AREN’T WE ALL DEAD FROM THAT SUPPOSED CATASTROPHE? It didn’t happen because it was another in the long line of scare tactics and red herrings to keep you from thinking and worrying about more important things in your lives. Why am I talking about this 9 ½ years after it happened? Because it’s still relevant. Think back to late 1999 and try to remember all the hype that the news media threw at you concerning Y2K. If they were wrong about that, what else could they have been wrong about? The news is supposed to “get it fast, get it first, and get it right.” I don’t know how many times you people are going to have to be told to stop believing everything the news tells you. The major news and media companies are owned by PRIVATE COMPANIES and therefore have a slanted and biased viewpoint. Don’t believe me? Do you think that any reporter from NBC would report on a disaster at a nuclear power plant owned by General Electric? Of course not. Even if they did, do you think they’d do an in-depth investigation? Think again! General Electric owns 80% of NBC.
Check it out for yourselves:
The Big Six – freepress.net

Here’s an interesting little quote from Allen Dulles, longest-serving DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) of the CIA:
“But nobody reads…There will be a few professors who will read the record…The public will read very little”.
This quote was regarding the Warren report being issued to the public for their consumption and whether or not those who published it should be worried from a backlash by the public.
The Radical Right And The Murder Of John F. Kennedy- Stunning Evidence In The Assassination of the President – Harrison E. Livingstone – Google Books

I realize that many of my blogs are commentary on events that take place in the United States of America, but I believe Canada is the 51st state, and what happens there will happen here (at least in terms of laws).

“Blind as a bat” – Are bats blind? I don’t believe so. If they were, they wouldn’t be able to fly correctly, hunt for food or find places to hang upside down to sleep. Perhaps they’re blind in DAYLIGHT because they’re primarily nocturnal creatures? Could that be an explanation as to how the “blind as a bat” phrase started?

Are bats blind Information – answers.com

Are Bats Really Blind – bigsiteofamazingfacts.com

Are Bats Blind – allsands.com

So stop saying “blind as a bat”; instead, you could say “blind as a BABY bat”, because it would be more accurate.

From page 11 of The Uniter-2005-11-03 – uniter.ca
“Education allows a person to create his or her own life, as a kind of work of art, not a role played in a drama orchestrated by corporate controllers. Without “connecting the dots” on one’s own, a process that requires uninterrupted time to reflect, and control over the direction of one’s own attention, even the A+ students produce a mimicry of someone else’s framework, says Gatto, or a concoction that merely gives the surface appearance of connection. He suggests that “the gentleman’s C” – earned by both John Kerry and George Bush – shows that you’re not the kind of person who wastes time on the trivia of school, memorizing disconnected facts and trying to please the teacher – and that short answer testing is fraudulent because it destroys the critical mind.”

Here’s a different perspective of what a ‘Gentleman’s C’ is (from
Should psychology be a science – Pros and Cons – Jock Abra – Google Books):
“The concept of the gentlemen’s C conveys the commitment to mediocrity – do enough to avoid flunking out but never, God forbid, so much as to earn labels such as grind or keener that derided the overly zealous.”

The justification of injustice: When laws are created that protect corporations from lawsuits (even if those corporations are clearly committing crimes) or when laws are created that violate human/civil rights. We are living in such an age.

An ad I saw in the “Gigs” section of the Vancouver Craigslist on the evening of Sunday, June 5th went as follows (I have emphasized, in bold and italic, the most interesting part):
Ad writer for Escort PART TIME (Vancouver & Fraser Valley):
Resumes are sought for a part-time job placing ads on Craigslist
and taking emails and calls for an escort
Work from home
will start with a few emails calls and build up over time
Please be sure you are good on the phone, can manipulate photos and make attachments
make intelligent responses to client requests, negotiate deals with motels, and arrange transport (drivers or cab)
please email your resume and cover letter to the email address above
$200 first month at $16/hour to $500 per month when at 50% capacity, $1,000 plus possible per month
Thank you! only those who meet our criteria will be contacted!


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