Vancouver’s homeless being relocated for 2010 games?

I’ve heard from two people now that the city of Vancouver is shipping their homeless elsewhere in B.C. to make the place look cleaner and feel safer, but I cannot find an official article on the Internet discussing this.
I’ve said before that rumors need to be stopped, but in this case, I shall make an exception because there is nowhere else to turn. So, I’m asking all of you reading this to post whatever information you’ve “heard” about Vancouver relocating their homeless to other towns/cities. I shall begin:

– My girlfriend’s mom told her that she heard on the news that Vancouver’s homeless are being shipped to small towns, Mackenzie being one of them.
– A friend of mine, who lives in Fort St. John and has a job at a hotel, heard from a regular who stays at that hotel during his runs (semi truck driver, perhaps) who heard from some guys at Kal Tire in Mackenzie that homeless are being shipped up there from Vancouver.

PLEASE REMEMBER (those of you who read the comments that others will post in this note) that we cannot back up these claims because there are no official sources. Then again, do you really think the City of Vancouver would come out and say, “We’re relocating the majority of the homeless in Vancouver to places like Burns Lake, Williams Lake, Mackenzie, Chetwynd and so on, to make the city more ‘appealing’ to those who will visit during the 2010 Olympic Games”? I don’t think so.

The following is all I could find related to the homeless being relocated in Vancouver:

“Remember Alberta offering their homeless a free bus ticket and $350 to go to Vancouver.” – from the comments section of

Homeless Relocations Part of 2010 Security Plan:

BC government to jail the homeless:

How the Vancouver Olympics Violate Civil Rights:

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