Things you may not have known had it not been for the internet part 2

4-H Camp Counselors Accused Of Organizing Fights Between Campers –

90 Percent of U.S. Infant Formula May Be Contaminated with Melamine; FDA Abruptly Declares Chemical Safe for Babies –

200 baggage screeners fired for stealing –

Actual Newspaper Headlines –

An Interview with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Part 2 –

Behead those who say Islam is violent –

Best of the worst of Mountie misconduct –

Big Brother is watching you with RFID microchips –

Car Economy Tips –

CBS – Gelbart Fought Against Laugh Track –

Cell Phone Safety –

Cell Phones and Brain Cancer – Dr. Devra Davis

Cop pees on Metallica fan, Metallica playing SXSW –

Eugenics after World War II –

Former Newark airport baggage screener sentenced to 3 years for stealing luggage items –

Funny Newspaper Clippings –

Hatebeak – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Health Effects of Pesticides –
Are the vegetables we eat sprayed with pesticides? How can we be sure that these are “safe” pesticides? You may think I am being a fear monger, and telling me that if pesticides were harmful to human beings, we’d see hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of cases by now. Good argument. However, I would counter with this: what if the effects of pesticides build up slowly in the human body over the years just as the disastrous health effects of fluoride? There is one surefire way: let someone eat a pesticide-filled vegetable and observe the effects it has on their person (of course, we would have to take stock of their general health before such an experiment could be performed).

Human Health Issues – Pesticides –

Info-Dust Will Monitor Our Future Selves –

John Frum –

Know Your Meme –

Latest Airport Hassle – Carousel Crooks –

Laugh-Track Off-Button –

Luggage Theft Rates Climb –

Moon Song – Dave Hook, Canadian –


Nigerian 419 Scam –

Pesticides On Food –

PhotoshopDisasters –

Producer Timbaland rips song from finnish musician

Psychotronic – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Psychotronic Golgotha –

Psychotronic Warfare and The Wireless Society

Psychotronic weapons – Brain Manipulation From a Distance –

Red Bull gives you wings – and heart trouble –

Smile Checks Ensure Employees Are Happy And Ready For Work –

Sting nabs sticky-fingered JFK airport workers going through luggage –

Talking Our Selves to Death –

Telus Sucks! –

The criticism that Ralph Lauren doesn’t want you to see!

The Laugh Track –

The McLibel trial –

The Story of Tracy Turkish Brooks, Her “Other Pussy”, and Her Hacked Facebook Account –

The Threat of Information, Electromagnetic and Psychtronic Warfare –

The Top 10 Signs Your Girlfriend’s a Tramp –

The TSA, Our Officers, The Public and Theft –

Timbaland Ripps Off Arabic Music

Timbaland radio transcript

Timbaland’s answer to this “controversy” (uncensored)

TSA Employees Accused Of Stealing At LAX –

Typewriters, Qwerty & Typing –

Welcome to the 419 Eater –

Why do sitcoms have laugh tracks –


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