Videos! part 6

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

Are Vitamin Supplements A Scam? Wake Up America #7

Bigger Stronger Faster clip

Bin Laden Speaks pt. 1

Do you know where your food comes from? – Eat Real. Eat Local.

Flying pole nut slam

Have a seat – To Catch a Predator

how not to detonate a mortar

In The Know – Are Reality Shows Setting Unrealistic Standards For Skanks?

Mainstream media ignores Wikileaks video

Ottawa Hills Police Officer Shoots Unarmed Biker – News Story

Police Brutality – Cop, TSA Steal, Assault Clerk

Police Brutality – Cuffed, Head Bashed Into Concrete by Cops!

Police Brutality – FBI Charges Cop with Beating and Lying

Ronnie James Dio dead at 67 || 1942-2010

Stop Censorship in Canada!

The REAL Truth ABout Steroids

Water Privatization

Why It Sucks – The Room

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