Campbell and the HST

My thoughts on the useless anti-HST movement:

HST is already law. There is nothing that signing a petition will do except get the names on the petition copied to a government watchlist entitled “Potential domestic terrorists.” This is not the ‘60s anymore and your government does not care what you think or say.

Regarding government in general:

I hope you people are beginning to realize now that whomever is elected (no matter what party they come from), things like HST, privatization of utility companies, corrupt backroom deals, etc. will continue to happen. Governments and elected officials are simply figureheads; they are nothing more than decorations for the real power elite behind the scenes that despise real human freedom and want to control us all. We don’t need people in government buildings to run our lives for us with ever-invading privacy laws, nor do we need police (or police chiefs) who defend the actions of (and lie for) officers who brutalize the public.

The bigger picture:

All (or most) heads of government understand the notion of reducing the population of the planet in order to save both humanity AND the planet. There are many, many small steps that must be accomplished in order for this plan to come to fruition. You may not understand each small step when you see it, but when you look back at all the steps that have come before the current one, you may begin to see the ultimate end. Wake up and realize that a country that has a law book as big as (or bigger than) a phone book cannot call itself “free.”

A letter to all British Columbians

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Gordon Campbell’s privatization of B.C. Rail: Leonard Krog’s 70 questions

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HST on B.C. Liberal’s agenda three days after election win

Press release: Fight HST requests RCMP investigate BC government HST web site
(Asking the RCMP to investigate the BC government is like asking a serial rapist to arrest a Catholic priest who has been previously convicted of rape…in other words, nothing will be accomplished.)

What’s Taxable Under the HST and What’s Not?

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