Things you may not have known had it not been for the internet part 3

44 failed & 1 ambiguous end-of-the-world predictions between 30 and 1920 –

Are Cameras the New Guns –

Before & After Fraud Photos –

Branding tragedy –

Celebrities Before And After Photoshop –

Cops, cameras and the Constitution –

Democracy then and now – The throbbing heart of democracy beats loudly –

Dental Hygiene Advertisements –

Does Crossing Your Legs Cause Varicose Veins –

Downing Street Memo –

Eat Right For Your Type Diet Debunked, Peter D’Adamo –
“People who run commercial weight loss programs (and who write popular diet books) have known for years that most everyone will lose weight on a low calorie, ketosis-producing diet – but this is not viewed as a healthy weight loss. Keeping the body in a constant state of ketosis places a large load of metabolic acid on the kidneys and liver that must be excreted over time, causing calcium loss from the bones, and possibly damaging the kidneys. Besides, no one will maintain themselves in a state of semi-starvation for more than a few days or weeks. Most everyone abandons low calorie diets after a while.”

Entertainment as propaganda –

Erika Cheetham Dies at 58; An Expert on Nostradamus – New York Times
“Her first book appeared in 1965 and became an immediate hit, as did the other two. Her publishers at Corgi Books were now excited about Nostradamus as well. ”A very profitable business to be in,” one was quoted as saying. ”Every publisher should have a Nostradamus title on their lists. And the beauty of it is that if you get one of Nostradamus’s predictions wrong, you can always remove it from the next edition.”
Ms. Cheetham, however, was ambivalent about the perspicacity of her hero. Claiming to be a linguist, a scholar and a skeptic, she once said: ”It’s all rubbish, you know. Some of it is so vague and tortured and you could bend all sorts of events to fit.”
In her periods of skepticism, she was not alone. ”In a respectable London bookshop last week,” wrote Francis Wheen in The Guardian in 1996, ”I was astonished to find an entire section given over to works by or about Nostradamus, the mumbo-jumbo merchant.” The likely explanation, he said, was superstition linked to the approach of the year 2000.”

Facebook’s Gone Rogue; It’s Time for an Open Alternative –


Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance” Returns to the Internet –

InterACTRA magazine – Winter 2010 –
From Ferne Downey’s “Our TV. The fight of the decade” article, pages 3-10:
“We can thank the rules the CRTC put in place the last time it did an overhaul of its Tv policy in 1999 – or in this case, lack of rules. The disastrous 1999 Television Policy let broadcasters off the hook, allowing them to ditch Canadian drama and any obligation to spend a set percentage of their revenues on Canadian programming. Instead, they were given free rein to meet their minimal Cancon requirements with low-cost reality and magazine-style infotainment shows, so that’s exactly what they did. Prior to these changes in 1999, Canadian Tv was making a huge breakthrough – we had 12 one-hour dramatic series on the air. A few years later, we were left with two.”

Interview with Dr. William Marcus (EPA) –

Introducing the world’s first MP3 player –

Is it legal to record a private conversation – Wiretapping and the one party consent exception to the rule against interception –

It’s Your Health – Mercury and Human Health –

Journalism and the Western tradition –

Kick in the teeth over toothpaste ads –

Left brain Right brain – a myth –

Poison Tap Water –

Politics and Journalism as Spectacle –

Population Mid-2009 –

Secure beneath watchful eyes –

The CFL mercury nightmare –

The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben – Joseph Borkin –

The MPAA and The Two Nudities –

The Myth of the Rule of Law –

The New World Order – H. G. Wells –

The Perkins Story –

The secret to the immortality of McDonald’s food –

There is poison in the tap water –

Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook –

UK Terror Law To Make Photographing Police Illegal –

Unravelling An American Dilemma – The Demonization of Marihuana –

Wall Street, CIA and the Global Drug Trade –

What are Mono- & Diglycerides, Anyway –
Comment #4
“I have heard that food manufacturers petitioned the FDA (who of course have OUR best interests in mind, boys and girls) to enable them to still use the vile substance and be able to claim (LIE) that they don’t.
If I am a food manufacturer and want to use trans fat, it seems to me that if the FDA requires (as far as I have heard) up to 1/2 gram of trans fat per serving as allowable (claiming zero), then all I have to do to get around this is to tweak the “serving size” until I get to the magic number, and claim,”voila, No Trans Fat!”
Of more interest may be that as one does the numbers w/ the “Nutrition Facts” on the side of the box, you can see the claim of “Total Fat” per serving of 4 grams. Right below, it then lists the fats: Saturated Fat, 0.5g; Trans Fat, 0g; Polyunsaturated Fat, 2g; Monounsaturated Fat, 1g.
I’m not a math whiz, but the fat they admit to is overall, 4 grams, but they only add up to 3.5 grams if you add up the other three fats, minus the Trans Fat!”
“they do not have to report transfat if it’s below .5g”

Which Nostril Are You Breathing Through, Right Now –

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